Boynton Beach Hurricane Windows

Boynton Beach is one of the most pleasant places in the United States in which to live, but residents must be aware of the dangers associated with living in the area. Although the weather is gorgeous most of the time, strong winds and hurricanes can make unwanted visits and cause tremendous damage to homes. This is why it is so important for homeowners to invest in impact windows. These windows are specially-designed to be able to handle the impact of high winds and the debris that can fly through the air during a hurricane. Homeowners in Boynton Beach, Florida are urged to install these windows to keep their families safe, and there are numerous Boynton Beach impact window companies from which to choose.

Without the use of these special hurricane windows, homes can become full of broken glass, debris and water. In fact, the damage caused by water allowed to enter a home is more devastating than most other types of damage associated with hurricanes. Though impact windows are more expensive than conventional windows, they can help Boynton Beach homeowners to save money in the long run by reducing insurance costs and preventing damage. Interested homeowners should contact a Boynton Beach hurricane window company today for more information.

Location of Boynton Beach: Latitude: 26.53 N, Longitude: 80.08 W

The top nastiest hurricanes to hit Florida

Back in 1926 a deadly hurricane hit the Miami area and parts of Boynton Beach were also affected. According to the U.S. Weather Bureau this was most likely the most destructive hurricane to ever hit the South Florida area as well as the U.S. It is thought that there were as many as 800 people who died in that storm although only 325 were accounted for. No other hurricane or storm is known to have caused as much property damage during the 20’s and 30’s.

Okeechobee was hit by a hurricane Sept. 16, 1928. Many of the people living on the coastline in Palm Beach County were prepared for this deadly storm what the residents weren’t expecting was the storm to hover over Lake Okeechobee eventually breaking the levees and sending a rush of water onto farmland and sweeping away animals, homes and people.

The Florida Keys were not spared of a hurricane in 1935. Known as the Labor Day storm this hurricane was category 5 and caused catastrophic damage all along the Keys. It is said that the winds and sand were so strong that it ripped away many of the local residents clothing.

The more notable hurricanes to hit Boynton and South Florida is a follows;

1960 – Hurricane Donna hits Fort Myers September 10th.

1964 – Hurricane Cleo sweeps through Key Biscayne and moves north to Fort Lauderdale affecting areas of Boynton.

1965 – Hurricane Betsy started off targeting South Carolina but on September 4 the hurricane changes direction plowing southward devastating South Florida.

1992 – Hurricane Andrew came into Florida after a 27 year dry spell and left a big mark on the State.

2004 – Hurricane Frances was a huge storm that covered almost the whole state of Florida

2004 – Hurricane Jeanne was one of four hurricanes to strike Florida in six weeks.

2005 – Hurricane Wilma strikes us on October 24 with unexpected strength.

Boynton Beach Zip codes: 33424, 33425, 33426, 33435, 33436, 33437, 33474

Boynton Beach Customers Homes

Single-family new house construction building permits for Boynton Beach:

YEAR NO.of Bldg. Avg. Costs
1999 175 $103,000
2000 254 $112,000
2001 191 $102,000
2002 65 $77,000
2004 379 $124,000
2005 843 $155,000
2006 453 $163,000
2007 61 $191,000
2008 96 $136,000
2009 36 $142,000
2010 9 $100,000
2011 214 $84,000
2012 50 $92,000


Boynton Beach Tornado Hits;

On 3/1/1980, a cat F3 (wind speeds 158 to 206 mph) tornado 19 miles away from the Boynton Beach city center which killed one person and injured 33 men, women and children causing between five and fifty million in damages.

On 2/23/1965, a cat F3 tornado 24.9 miles away from the city center injured 6 people and caused between $50,000 and $500,000 in damages.


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