Boca Raton Hurricane Windows

World famous Boca Raton Florida, known for its beauty, weather, beaches and golfing, it’s a destination spot for tropical temperature lovers everywhere. Located on the southern end of Palm Beach County, Boca Raton has great shopping, hotels and activities. The city is made up of people from around the globe. The ancestries/nationality split is mostly German (11.7%) but close behind is Irish, Italian and English.

Boca Raton Hurricanes

Boca Raton is mid-sized city occupying 27 square miles with approximately 3200 ppl per square mile. The topography of the area is basically flat, Boca sits just 16 feet above sea level making it a prime area for flooding during hurricanes. People living in this area are very familiar with hurricanes, Boca almost seems as if it is a magnet for this type damaging storm. Over the years this city has been hit directly or indirectly by more than seven hurricanes that were at least a category 2 storm or greater.

Boca Raton Hurricane Protection

Be prepared for hurricanes in South Florida comes with the lifestyle. Most homes in the area have some sort of storm protection, many have Dade County category 5 hurricane windows installed or at least are prepared with plywood. If you have ever had to hang plywood over your windows before a hurricane struck than you know how time consuming and costly it can be. By using hurricane windows by Storm Tight you can quickly have your home prepared for storms. Not only does hurricane windows protect you home and family from storms but also from unwanted intruders. These type of windows are reinforced and the glass is harder to break than conventional single pane windows.
If moving to Boca Raton make sure to put Boca Raton hurricane windows in your home.

Without the use of these special windows, homes can become full of broken glass, debris and water. In fact, the damage caused by water allowed to enter a home is more devastating than most other types of damage associated with hurricanes. Though impact windows are more expensive than conventional windows, they can help Boca Raton homeowners to save money in the long run by reducing insurance costs and preventing damage. Interested homeowners should contact a Boca Raton impact window company today for more information.

Boca Raton Hurricane Window Areas by Zip

Zip codes: 33427, 33428, 33429, 33431, 33432, 33433, 33434, 33481, 33486, 33487, 33488, 33496, 33497, 33498, 33499

Median real estate property taxes paid for housing with mortgages in 2011 $3,951
Median real estate property taxes paid for housing with no mortgage in 2011 $3,284
Boca Raton Intercoastal

Boca Raton Building / Home Construction

1999 151 buildings-average cost $352K
2000 119 buildings-average cost $372K
2002 86 buildings-average cost $568K
2003 89 buildings-average cost $645K
2004 71 buildings-average cost $711K
2005 75 buildings-average cost $681K
2006 55 buildings-average cost $707K
2007 37 buildings-average cost $908K
2008 30 buildings-average cost $707K
2009 17 buildings-average cost $614K
2010 60 buildings-average cost $433K
2011 218 buildings-average cost $330K
2012 229 buildings-average cost $274K

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