Fort Pierce Impact Windows

Fort Pierce Florida is a wonderful tropical place to live, play, raise a family and work. This Florida town is made up of 41,000 residents most of which are single. The breakdown of single and married adults in Fort Pierce is 57% single and 43% married. Again like we have seen in other cities trends there are more women than men here. Men make up about 49% of the populous and women make up 51%.

Age Fort Pierce Florida USA
< 25 36.4%
15,133 ppl
5,741,748 ppl
104,853,555 ppl
25 – 44 27.5%
11,445 ppl
5,430,666 ppl
93,634,060 ppl
45 – 64 24.1%
10,039 ppl
5,079,161 ppl
81,489,445 ppl
> 64 15.2%
6,337 ppl
3,259,602 ppl
40,267,984 ppl

Fort Pierce Workers

The economy in Fort Pierce is doing fair to well. The median worker income is about $21k, much lower than the national average of close to $30k. The average work week is shorter for the residents of Fort Pierce. While the rest of the country is working about 39 hours a week the people of this city only work 38 hours. This doesn’t make up for the significant difference of earned income compared to the rest of the country. There are many reasons why this may be occurring in this area. The Fort Pierce area is made up of many manufacturing and trade type jobs. After the crash of 2008 many of these jobs disappeared leaving many of the residents unemployed.

Unemployed Fort Pierce Florida USA
Unemployment Rate 15.0% 8.9% 7.9%
Asian 27.3% 6.7% 6.4%
African American 21.6% 13.6% 14.0%
Hispanic 13.3% 9.2% 9.6%
White 9.7% 7.9% 6.8%
More than one race 0.0% 11.8% 12.2%
American Indian 0.0% 12.2% 13.9%
Pacific Islander N/A 9.5% 10.5%

Fort Pierce Attractions

Get to know your neighborhood and visit these popular destinations;

1. Sunrise Theater – offers a beautiful historic theater with big headliners.
2. Pepper Park Beach – this natural uncrowded beach is a great place to relax and enjoy natures best.
3. Heathcote Botanical Gardens – a plant and flower lovers must see.
4. Navy Seal Museum – a great historical lesson for the whole family.
5. Harbor Branch Oceanographic – fun place for the kids to learn and spend the day.

Hurricanes Fort Pierce Protection

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