Margate Hurricane Impact Windows

Margate Florida is the home to more than 53 thousand residents. Located just west of Pompano Beach, Margate is a fairly young city where the homes on average are 34 years old. Most of the people living here are women (53.2%) and about half the population is married. Most of the homes in the area are owner occupied leaving just 18% of the available inventory rentals.

There are a few golf courses and many restaurants in this area. One of the popular courses is the Eagle Lakes Golf Course which is open to the public and reasonably prices. The list of restaurants is endless here, there are more than 100.

Margate’s economy is in line with many other U.S. cities of this size. Currently there is a slightly higher rate of unemployment here compared to the rest of the country, city wide rate is at 9.4%. See the table for the breakdown below.

Margate Florida U.S.
Unemployment 9.4% 8.9% 7.9%
More than one race 12.2% 11.8% 12.2%
Hispanic 11.1% 9.2% 9.6%
Black or African American 9.3% 13.6% 14.0%
White 9.2% 7.9% 6.8%
Asian 8.9% 6.7% 6.4%
American Indian 0.0% 12.2% 13.9%
Pacific Islander N/A 9.5% 10.5%

Income and Homes in Margate

Income is high in this area. Margate has a higher than national average median income than the rest of the state and country for that matter. There is a large number of American Indians in this part of Florida who offset the trends we usually see in the difference of income. The table below shows race/income split for Margate and Florida.

Race Margate Florida U.S.
American Indian $31,118 $24,098 $21,510
White $31,066 $29,444 $31,133
African American $27,230 $22,760 $25,062
More than one race $25,043 $22,705 $22,664
Hispanic $23,245 $22,520 $21,505
Asian $19,972 $27,312 $34,418
Pacific Islander $0 $26,177 $26,563

Margate – Florida

Popular occupations in Margate include Sales and Service jobs. This is the trend for South Florida since there is a huge tourism industry here. Computer and science engineering jobs round up the list being the occupation with the lease amount of workers.

Occupation Margate Florida U.S.
Sales and office occupations 30.4% 28.3% 25.4%
Service occupations 21.3% 19.0% 17.1%
Business and financial occupations 12.2% 14.1% 14.3%
Natural resources, construction, and maintenance occupations 9.9% 10.7% 9.8%
Transportation and moving occupations 8.8% 9.2% 12.4%
Education and media occupations 7.0% 9.5% 10.6%
Healthcare and technical occupations 6.1% 5.3% 5.2%
Computer and science occupations 4.4% 3.9% 5.2%

Margate Homes

There are a total of 25,800+ homes in Margate. Some are rentals but most are owner occupied. Having a home in this area requires some forethought. Make sure you have included in the cost of your home the protection costs associated with it. Ask yourself do you have the appropriate protection against large storms and intruders? Make sure you price out Margate hurricane windows and doors when house hunting. This table shows who and how many homes are occupied and on the market.

Margate Florida U.S.
Owner Occupied 66.3%
17,141 Homes
4,986,629 Homes
76,089,650 Homes
Renter Occupied 18.4%
4,754 Homes
2,166,215 Homes
38,146,346 Homes
For Rent 1.6%
402 Homes
285,226 Homes
3,286,932 Homes
For Sale 2.0%
529 Homes
211,329 Homes
1,886,522 Homes
Seasonal or Occasional Use 6.9%
1,782 Homes
772,216 Homes
4,683,380 Homes
Total Occupied 84.7%
21,895 Homes
7,152,844 Homes
114,235,996 Homes
Total Vacant 15.3%
3,970 Homes
1,710,213 Homes
15,802,084 Homes
Total Housing 25,865 8,863,057 130,038,080

Margate Hurricane Windows

Having a home in South Florida requires the home to have hurricane protection to receive discounts on insurance. Usually spending a few extra dollars on hurricane protection can end up saving you thousands of dollars in the long run. Equipping your home with top of the line Storm Tight Hurricane Windows and Doors may cost you money up front but when factoring in your energy and insurance savings the good windows can pay for themselves over time.

Without the use of these special windows, homes can become full of broken glass, debris and water. In fact, the damage caused by water allowed to enter a home is more devastating than most other types of damage associated with hurricanes. Though impact windows are more expensive than conventional windows, they can help Margate homeowners to save money in the long run by reducing insurance costs and preventing damage. Interested homeowners should contact a Margate impact window company today for more information.


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