Palm Beach Gardens Hurricane Windows

People living Palm Beach Gardens enjoy an active lifestyle with average temperatures of 74 degrees and tropical atmosphere. Located in the northern part of Palm Beach County, Palm Beach Gardens has a population of 48,500, 85% of those are native born. The city itself is sprinkled with original art works by locals and more adding to the active pulse of this tropical city.

Hurricanes are a problem in South Florida if you’re not prepared. Many people living in Palm Beach Gardens have had a close brush up with large hurricanes including; Andrew and Wilma. After witnessing a Category 4 or 5 hurricane first hand you have a new appreciation for natural disasters.

Many building codes have been changed or implemented since hurricane Andrew which caused the most natural disaster damage to the state of Florida in 1992. Hurricane protection technology has also seen improvements. Hurricane windows can now be made to withstand a category five hurricane and be energy efficient at the same time.

The windows that Storm Tight Windows manufacturers for the Palm Beach Garden area are mostly triple pane glass which has been specially treated and coated for added protection. Gasses are used between the panes of glass for added insulation from the sun’s rays and heat. And if made from a stronger than average treated vinyl you have a window which can withstand the many challenges of the South Florida weather.

Hurricane windows also add security to your home. Harder to break than most single pane windows, hurricane windows with added steel bars within the frame and slash make impact hurricane windows extremely difficult to break into.

Putting Dade County approved hurricane windows in your Palm Beach Garden home can save you money not only in electrical and energy costs but on your homeowners insurance. If your home has been equipped with hurricane doors and windows that are Dade County approved you can save up to 25% on your insurance rate. Find a good wind mitigator like the ones that Storm Tight Windows uses to take advantage of this big insurance savings.

Palm Beach Gardens Housing Mortgage Information

Palm Beach Gardens Florida USA
Median Costs $2,159
National Median
Median Rent $1,160
National Median
Median Year 1992 1984 1975
Median Rooms 5 5 6

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