Pompano Beach Impact Windows

Tourists from around the world are familiar with the lush tropical paradise known as Pompano Beach Florida. What makes this such a desired vacation spot? Easy, the many sights and activities available due to the close to perfect weather. Even though the weather is beautiful most of the year we do have the occasional hurricane. Make sure you have category 5 Dade County approved hurricane windows and doors installed in your home. Hurricane windows and doors not only protect you from bad weather but intruders also. For top of the line hurricane windows visit Storm Tight Windows.

One of the popular destinations in Pompano to visit is the Municipal Pier. This pier is on a small boardwalk and offers a restaurant and areas to fish from. There’s also many shops and stores in the immediate area to see.

South Floridians travel for miles to go to the Isle Casino and Racing Park in Pompano. This popular casino offers buffets, concerts and gambling. If physical activities are more your style try the Lts waterski and wakeboard school open year round.

Golfing is also very popular in the area, if you’re a golfer in your in the right city with the right company.

Pompano Beaches’ population is made up of mostly white, African Americans and Hispanics. Below is a full breakdown of the populous.

Race Pompano Beach Florida United States
White 62.6%
62,515 ppl
14,109,162 ppl
223,553,265 ppl
African American 28.9%
28,849 ppl
2,999,862 ppl
38,929,319 ppl
Hispanic 17.5%
17,509 ppl
4,223,806 ppl
50,477,594 ppl
Two or more races 2.4%
2,373 ppl
472,577 ppl
9,009,073 ppl
Asian 1.3%
1,302 ppl
454,821 ppl
14,674,252 ppl
American Indian 0.3%
285 ppl
71,458 ppl
2,932,248 ppl
Pacific Islander 0.0%
49 ppl
12,286 ppl
540,013 ppl


The gender split is similar to the rest of the country with no notable differences.

Pompano Beach Florida United States
Male 51.0%
50,967 ppl
9,189,355 ppl
151,781,326 ppl
Female 49.0%
48,878 ppl
9,611,955 ppl
156,964,212 ppl


Pompano Beach Income Breakdown


Pompano Beach Florida U.S.
White $30,127 $29,444 $31,133
U.S. Avg.
American Indian $25,357 $24,098 $21,510
U.S. Avg.
Hispanic $20,404 $22,520 $21,505
U.S. Avg.
African American $19,745 $22,760 $25,062
U.S. Avg.
Asian $19,531 $27,312 $34,418
U.S. Avg.
Two or more races $18,806 $22,705 $22,664
U.S. Avg.
Pacific Islander $0 $26,177 $26,563
U.S. Avg.


The biggest drop in income in this area compared to the rest of the continental U.S. is with the Asian population which makes considerably less than Asians located throughout the rest of the country. There are close to zero Native Hawaiian or Pacific Islanders in the area of Pompano.

People who are 64 or older tend to make less money in this area. The top earners are ages 25 to 60 but even these earners make about $10k less than their peers in other parts of the country. The Florida average earnings are less than the national average and the Pompano area is less than the Florida average.

Public assistance income is higher than the national average. In Pompano there is a very high dollar amount attached to this assistance of $5,213 whereas the national average is only $3,553. A good way to save money is by installing the best hurricane window around, the Storm Tight Hurricane Window. These hurricane windows will cut your costs on energy and can save you on your homeowners insurance.


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