Port Saint Lucie Impact Windows

Port Saint Lucie Hurricane Windows

Port Saint Lucie home to Tradition Field (formerly the Thomas J. White Stadium) hosts the New York Mets spring training! But the big draw in this area is GOLF. There are many golf courses and PGA clubs to see. Many golfers from around the country and world come to the PGA center for golf learning and performance to fine tune their game. The PGA Village Wanamaker Course is a Fazio design and as all Fazio courses this one is a challenge and extremely fun to play on.

Parks are in abundance in the Port Saint Lucie area. Some of these parks to take note of are… Port St. Lucie Botanical Gardens and Savannas Preserve State Park both which are well maintained and a pleasure to visit.

Nature lovers take advantage of the weather in the area by visiting the many outdoor activities that are available to the residents of Port St. Lucie. Take a short drive to visit Paleo Hammock Preserve or the Spruce Bluff Preserve both offer an educational and exciting experience.

The population of Port Saint Lucie continues the same trend that we see throughout much of the country. Whites make up about three-fourths of the population followed by 18% Hispanic and 16% African American. See the full breakdown below.

  Port St Lucie Florida USA
White 74.3%
122,289 ppl
14,109,162 ppl
223,553,265 ppl
Hispanic 18.4%
30,250 ppl
4,223,806 ppl
50,477,594 ppl
African American 16.3%
26,898 ppl
2,999,862 ppl
38,929,319 ppl
Two or more races 3.0%
4,975 ppl
472,577 ppl
9,009,073 ppl
Asian 2.0%
3,267 ppl
454,821 ppl
14,674,252 ppl
Alaska Native 0.4%
627 ppl
71,458 ppl
2,932,248 ppl
Pacific Islander 0.1%
114 ppl
12,286 ppl
540,013 ppl

The gender mix in this area is also familiar with 51% female and 49% male. See the table below for detailed information about this makeup.

Gender Port St Lucie Florida U.S.
Female 51.4%
84,600 ppl
9,611,955 ppl
156,964,212 ppl
Male 48.6%
80,003 ppl
9,189,355 ppl
151,781,326 ppl

The household income for the area which is not ‘earnings’ is slightly below average in all areas except Social Security Income which is $1500 then the national average. Retirement income is $2500 less in this area then the national average of $15,300.

Income Type City State USA
Retirement Income $19,090 $22,868 $21,489
U.S. Average
Interest, Dividends, Net Rental Income $17,809 $21,582 $15,308
U.S. Average
Social Security Income $16,946 > $15,935 $15,495
U.S. Average
Public Assistance Income $3,131 $3,227 $3,553
U.S. Average

Port Saint Lucie Occupations are as follows;

Occupation Port St Lucie Florida USA
Sales/Office occupations 29.6% 28.3% 25.4%
U.S. Average
Service occupations 19.7% 19.0% 17.1%
U.S. Average
Natural resources, construction, and maintenance occupations 13.3% 10.7% 9.8%
U.S. Average
Management financial occupations 11.9% 14.1% 14.3%
U.S. Average
Production, transportation, and moving occupations 9.5% 9.2% 12.4%
U.S. Average
Education, legal, community service, arts, and media occupations 6.8% 9.5% 10.6%
National Average
Healthcare practitioners and technical occupations 6.3% 5.3% 5.2%
National Average
Computer, engineering, and science occupations 2.8% 3.9% 5.2%
National Average


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