Stronger Than a Florida Hurricane

With Christmas just around the corner, the residents of the Gulf Coast can officially breathe a collective sigh of relief as it seems we have dodged the hurricane bullet for yet another year. Hurricane season begins in early June and keeps residents on their toes until the end of November leaving us in Florida hurricane free for 8 consecutive years now. 2005′s Hurricane Wilma was the last to visit the state bringing with her extreme wind speeds of up to 183 miles per hour, killing 25 people and causing more than $20 billion in damage. It was one of the most destructive hurricanes on record.

When a hurricane’s violent winds break through a building’s windows, the damage can be complete and totally devastating. Residents in hurricane-prone areas are understanding the need for high impact windows in these areas as they add a level of protection to the home that regular or traditional windows cannot provide. With permanent installation of custom high-impact storm windows, homeowners are able to avoid having to use storms panels and the hassle of both putting up and taking them down before and after a heavy storm. Impact windows are resistant to wind-borne debris during extreme storms providing stellar protection without extra work. StormTight Windows manufactures and installs the highest quality impact and storm windows in the area. Our storm windows and doors protect your home, family and belongings by keeping the damaging weather elements of a storm outside, where they belong. Now is the perfect time to look into the addition of high-impact windows as hurricane season is a good six months away. Let StormTight Windows’ expert representatives show you just what our windows can do for you by calling 713-785-5127.impact windows Houston

Learn and Use the Factors of Window Energy Efficiency

Infiltration. Conduction. Radiation. If you are at all considering switching to or installing energy-efficient windows you need to know the meaning of these three terms and how they effect you and your wallet. Just because a window manufacturer claims their windows to be energy-efficient doesn’t make them so as windows have ratings as to just how efficient they really are. To know if the windows you are considering adding to your home are truly efficient, you’ll need to know how the Department of Energy rates them in each of these categories:energy efficient windows

  • Infiltration: This term is used when referring to the amount of air leakage through and around unsealed joints in the structure of the window. Its Air Filtration Value is indicated by the cubic feet of air per minute/sq. footage of the window. The lower the air infiltration, the less air leakage.
  • Conduction: The definition of conduction is the passage of heat through a solid material from molecule to molecule. With windows, heat is able to pass through the glass and the frame of the window. A window’s ability to resist this transfer of heat is referred to as it U-factor. The U-factor represents the heat flow per hour; measured in Btus per hour or watts.
  • Radiation: Defined as the movement of energy through space. The two types of radiation heat transfer are longwave and shortwave radiation. Long wave is the heat transfer between objects at room or environmental temperatures. Short wave refers to the radiation from the sun. A window’s efficiency in controlling this transfer of heat from the sun is referred to in the industry as its Solar Heat Gain Coefficient.

By paying attention to the ratings of an energy-efficient window, you’ll be able to enjoy the benefits of lower energy waste, lower energy bills and higher savings over the lifetime of the windows.

The Integrity Behind the Strength of Our Storm Doors & Impact Windows


impact windows Boynton BeachDifferent counties in Florida require different mandated codes pertaining to windows for new homes and homes being remodeled. Of course those close to the shores are at greater risk for damage. So you can see why there are variances. When you call Storm Tight Windows they will consult with you and insure your home will meet all codes in your area make sure your expectations are met. This consultation is complimentary and set for anytime that works within your busy schedule. Our headquarters is in Boynton Beach Florida but we serve all of South Florida. Our storm doors and impact windows are made to exceed Energy Star-Rated standards. They are made with heavy duty aluminum frames with double glazing on the panes. Why do we do this? Because it keeps out cold and hot air from getting in your home. This also creates greater insulation from all weather-related elements, keeping your family safe while keeping them comfortable.

Now let’s talk about the incredible savings you will receive on your home insurance premiums. Discounts are found to be 10% to 25% on most policies. So you will not only be protecting your home but also saving money on your insurance premiums! We would love to work with you and make your home storm tight, safe and more comfortable. Storm Tight Windows in Boynton Beach is just a call away. Please call us today at 877-946-3697 or 877-WINDOWS. We offer 12 months same as cash financing. We would love the opportunity to help keep your house and family protected.


Autumn is a Perfect Time to Replace Your Windows in Florida


Hurricane windows Boca RatonHurricane season runs from early June to about late November here in Florida. Now that hurricane season is dwindling down, it is a good time to start thinking about updating your windows with high impact windows to withstand and protect your home from a hurricane and other weather phenomena. They will improve the energy efficiency of your home and also help keep your home safe by protecting you and your family from intruders. It is much harder to break through a high impact storm window than an ordinary window. The glass used in these windows is just a lot stronger. There is also the benefit of saving on your home insurance costs as the savings you can receive can be quite substantial. And of course these beautiful new windows will truly enhance the beauty of your home!

Impact windows Boca Raton custom make storm tight windows for your home. These windows exceed both the Department of Energy’s and the Environmental Protection Agency’s energy-saving criteria for windows. Making these windows Energy Star qualified. These windows will not only keep you cooler with a Solar Heat Gain coefficient of less than 0.40, they will lower your monthly cooling bills substantially. All of our storm tight windows and doors of course Energy Star Rated. Our turnaround time for new windows ranges between 3 to 5 weeks depending on weather and approvals and the time it takes to get permits if needed. Our windows are so impact resistance there is no need to also have outside shutters.



The Undeniable Benefits of Storm Windows

storm windows Houston Regardless of where you live, the benefits offered by quality storm windows can be enjoyed for many years. But Gulf area residents in Texas and Florida especially understand just what impact windows can do for their homes. At Storm Tight Windows we are often asked about the added benefits that custom storm windows and doors bring to a home and whether they are worth the investment. We’ve compiled a list of the most-often-experienced advantages that our customers have related to us and encourage you to help us add to this list if there is something that we may have missed. Here are the benefits of hurricane windows that have been proven again and again:

  1. Unmatched home protection. Not only do hurricane windows make for superior barriers against the storms that can ravage the area, Storm Tight impact windows make for excellent protection against home break-ins by intruders.
  2. Added energy-efficiency. Most energy loss in a home occurs through its windows. The added panes of storm windows keep the heat of the sun at bay while reducing the draft experienced with traditional windows and doors.
  3. Added home value. By adding additional protection, increased energy-efficiency and long-lasting beauty the installation of storm windows increases your home’s overall value.
  4. Long-lasting functionality and beauty. As mentioned above, storm windows add beauty to your home that lasts decades longer than traditional windows. By installing impact or double-hung windows over your existing ones, you’ll increase the overall durability reducing the cost of maintenance.

At Storm Tight Windows, our technicians are often recognized for their expertise, knowledge and craftsman-level abilities, making your storm window installation quick, easy and affordable. Call us now for a free estimate.

Selecting Hurricane Protection

palm beach hurricane windows

Searching for home improvement companies and reviews in the South Florida area has been a challenge to many. We have recently had our patio enclosed, there were window screens all the way around and an impact door that led to the backyard. This was great during the winter colder months in South Florida but during the summer it was so hot that we rarely went out there which was shame since we just spend a nice dollar to have it done.

After speaking with a neighbor my wife had a great idea, put windows where the screens are and fully enclose the area so we can air condition it. This is a great idea if it were free but it’s not. Depending on the hurricane products that we decide on using the cost could end up in the tens of thousands. How can we pay for this? The cost will outweigh the benefits right?
I started shopping for windows and shutters. I shopped for shutters also since the rest of our Lake Worth Florida home is fitted with hurricane shutters. Prices vary, there are many styles of impact hurricane windows to choose from, many more options than I thought available.

First there are single pane windows (not hurricane proof), these windows are found in many Florida homes and are preferred by builders to keep costs down. They are inexpensive windows and don’t provide much insulation from the outside elements.

Second there are double pane windows that have two glass panes, one in front of the other leaving a gap between the two. This gap is sometimes used to hold inert gasses that act as an insulator.

Now we have triple pane glass windows. These are by far the best windows on the market today. They are made with three glass panes that give your home ultimate protection. Triple pane windows give the same benefits as a double pane window with an added benefit an additional glass pane.

Filling the chamber between the glass panes with an Argon or Krypton gas will reduce the strong South Florida solar gain and lowers FPL energy consumption.

How to Prepare for Hurricane Season

With hurricane season fast approaching, the need for hurricane protection for your home and family starts to take center stage.

In the old days, the most reliable method of securing your home was via plywood.  Nailing plywood over your window to your home is not only unreliable, but terribly inconvenient.  Other methods include security film and basic shutter, but none match the strength and reliability like hurricane impact windows.

Living in South Florida brings a lot of joy to many homeowners.   The beach nearby, the warm winters and local sites.   However, when spring rolls around, most get anxious with anticipation of the first tropical storm.  Hopefully, by this time you wouldn’t have waiting until the last minute to stock up on canned items and water, as well as gasoline for your backup generator.  Preparing your home for hurricane season is an important step to safeguarding your property and your most prized possession- your family.

Installing hurricane impact windows on your home is the safest way to protect against damage and flying debris.  Not only do hurricane windows protect against high winds and storm damage, but they act as an extra layer of defense against intruders and vandalism on those months in which it’s not hurricane season.

For more information regarding hurricane window installation and impact window price quotes, feel free to contact us today.

Thinking of Adding New Windows to your Home? It’s Good to Know the Basics.

Adding new windows to your home can add a nice finish to your home’s appearance. Additionally, there’s benefits that include tax savings and energy savings.  Listed below are some examples of windows that can be added to most homes.

Bay Windows:  Adding bay windows to your home can give the appearance of a larger space.  Also, adding light to the home makes it feel brighter and more cozy.  The expanded viewing area extends out of the home creating a great look and feel for any home.  Bay windows come in all types of styles and finishes, so there’s sure to be once that fits your taste.

Patio Doors:  Most patio doors built in your original home may have become warn out which can lead to inefficiency.  New sliding patio doors keep heat and AC inside, but can allow a nice breeze in if your mood desires.  Sliding the doors open and shut is a sinch and can be maintained effortlessly.

Double Hung Windows:  The ‘green’ efficient way to  go is with double hung windows.  Today, more and more windows are being manufactured in this way… more than any other style.  Most homeowners are looking for windows that carry certain characteristics like security, enegy efficiency and durability.  Double Hung windows encompass all of these elements in a true-value window.

If you’re looking to replace your windows in your South Florida home, consult with Storm Tight Windows.  Our knowledgable staff is on hand to assist you with any questions you may have.  Our years of experience make finding hurricane windows in South Florida an easy experience.

The Benefits of Adding Hurricane Impact Windows to your Home

Benefits of Hurricane Impact Windows

Hurricane Protection- The main reason most homeowners in South Florida purchase hurricane impact windows is to prevent wind, storm and debris damage.  Advances in technology has made it possible to install impact windows and prevent just about anything from breaking through.  This protection leaves the homeowner with peace of mind and the protection againt damagin winds and flying debris.

Intruder Protection- An added benefit of hurricane impact windows is protection from theft and burglary.  If your impact windows can prevent winds of up to 150 mph, they will do an amazing job against a thief or vandal.  Most hurricane impact windows are sealed with two layers of glass, which make breaking through all the more difficult.  While it is not 100% vandal proof, it can certainly act as a nice deterant when they see your impact windows.

Energy Savings- Today’s standard of hurricane impact windows and glass make them extremely energy effificient.  They are built using aluminum framing and are double glazed.  Impact windows and glass keep the cold out during winter months, while keeping cold in during hot, summer months.

Insurance Discounts- While not all homeowner’s insurance companies offer discounts in premiums for adding hurricane impact windows to your home, it is something worth taking a look at.  The saving can be signifcant enought to offset the original cost of buying and installing impact windows in your home.

South Florida Hurricane Season Fast Approaches

As a South Florida resident, there’s always a little anxiety when we make the transition from winter to spring.  And no, it’s not the fact that I know my kids will have the entire summer off and I won’t!  It’s know that hurricane season is approaching and will not relent until late fall.

From June through late November, I’m on eggshells every time a new development is announced off the western coast of Africa.  We all know the scenario; the storms start of the coast and build strength as the head west toward the Caribbean.  We all sit and wait to hear that the storm hopefully has broken apart or pushed north into the colder waters of the Atlantic.  We get anxious knowing what these storms can actually do, as we’ve seen over the past couple of years.  Equipping your home with hurricane windows and hurricane doors is the most reassuring step you can take in safeguarding your family and home.

Although it’s been a little quiet over the past 5 years or so, odds are not in our favor.  A hurricane will inevitably hit South Florida again.  When, we don’t exactly know.  But to ease our minds it’s best to be prepared. By taking advantage of every opportunity to protect ourselves, our families and our home is the best way to ease our anxiety.

Equipping your home with the best hurricane impact windows or doors is the best step you can take to protect your home.  Designed to prevent debris from breaking through, hurricane windows give your family an extra layer of protection against winds that can break 100mph.  You can rest assured that when Storm Tight installs your windows you are getting superior product, service and peace of mind.

As the hurricane season fast approaches, it’s time to get organized.  Be sure to outline everything that needs to be accomplished in order to be prepared and you’ll be able to sleep a little better each night.