Preparing For The Storm

Adding Storm Tight hurricane impact windows and impact doors to your home is a key step in preparing you and your family for Tropical Storms and Hurricanes. When a major storm approaches, time is essential in making last minute preparations for the safety of you, your family and your property. Having impact windows and doors for the storm means one less thing to worry about and a significant time savings compared to putting up hurricane shutters, panels, or plywood over your home’s doors and windows.

But storm resistant doors and hurricane windows is just the beginning of comprehensive hurricane preparedness plan. The possible effects of dangerous debris, blocked or flooded roadways, lack of electricity, access to food or running water, and lost revenues from businesses being shut down are all important considerations.

The Atlantic hurricane season runs from June 1 to November 30. You should create a checklist of items that you and your family will need whether leaving home or staying put. Some resources to help with creating a checklist of necessary items include: The Red Cross; FEMA; The National Hurricane Center and U.S. Department of Health and Human Services and its agencies, including the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and Food and Drug Administration

Prior to hurricane season you should trim trees, and be sure that you have the appropriate insurance coverage. Know your evacuation routes and arrange care for any family pets. If you can try to decide as far in advance as possible where you will stay in the event of a hurricane. Inventory your personal property. Protect important documents such as ID’s, Passport, property deeds and insurance policies in a watertight container.

Tie down or anchor any loose items or structures outside your home. Clear clogged rain gutters. In the event that you are forced to stay home for a major hurricane, prepare a “safe room” inside the home and attempt to stay on the opposite side of the home from the direct impact of the winds. Prepare enough water and food for each person and pet for a minimum three to five-day period.

Your checklist for supplies should include batteries, food that does not require heating or cooking, safety kits, radio and flashlight. A generator is a good thing to have on hand, and a full tank of gas for each of your vehicles is essential. Shut off utilities, as well as where gas pilots and water mains are located. Put together a list of important phone numbers including those of family members, healthcare providers and governmental agencies. These are probably the first phone calls you’ll be making once the storm passes.

Emergency Management

Use this list of helpful local emergency information if a hurricane is approaching.
Palm Beach CountyBroward CountyDade County

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