Have you ever heard the saying “When it must done right call Storm Tight”? If the answer is no, please take the time to read the following facts about Storm Tight Windows. This is the ultimate Feature & Benefit list that makes it clear why choosing Storm Tight Windows over ANY other window manufacturer or dealer (BLAH) out there, claiming to offer a “better deal” (AKA, I need to replace this windows in two years better deal).

For starters if you are a Florida homeowner, let’s assume that you no longer want window shutters because they are last season, right? So, assuming you are still undecided about having impact windows in your home, let’s review some general facts about impact windows:

  1. Most new construction today uses impact windows
  2. Everyday energy savings, (eco-friendly product)
  3. Impact windows are just as good if not BETTER than shutters when it comes to protecting your home from hurricanes and burglars,
  4. Impact windows do not block sunlight during a hurricane like shutters do, which all Floridians would agree it is aggravating after a few days.
  5. Your community HOA will not hunt you down to remove your “impact windows” like they do with shutters.

Even though I could write an entire blog series about community HOA's, let’s get back on track here. You like impact windows now, so what is the next step? You should educate yourself on impact windows technology and their benefits so you can make a better decision later. Often, most sales reps won’t give you all these details, but I WILL.

Outstanding quality impact windows MUST include the following features:

  • The BEST storm shield for impact windows is a Miami Dade Certified Category 5 Rated Hurricane Impact glass. (forget about shutters, panels, plywood, and your HOA folks lol)
  • UPVC Virgin Vinyl Frames and Sashes, 90-Gauge grade superior vinyl (in ENGLISH: this is the strongest non-conductive frame, PLUS it is maintenance free for life)
  • Miracle glass ™ 12-Layer/LOE3 technology. (this type of glass will save you around 40% in monthly Energy Costs)
  • Fusion Welded Corners frames and sashes (window sash is the part of the window that holds the glass and framework around the glass to keep it in place). This provides a stronger corner stability and lifelong ease of operation
  • Clean coat neat Glass™ technology; this is a self-cleaning window, HELLO!!?? (I need this technology everywhere in my home)
  • XL Eternal barrier filled with silicone desiccant gel beads. (in ENGLISH: guaranteed no moisture will get into your windows)
  • 90-guage reinforced steel frames and sashes. (these windows will not have any break-ins; burglars are going to be very disappointed here)
  • Polar Shield-Argon/Krypton filled chamber: (in ENGLISH: this technology reduces solar gain and lowers energy consumption, in other words, more money in your pocket)

Now that you have more information, make sure to ask questions about what you have learned to anyone that offers a “good deal” on impact windows, they probably don’t know what a window sash is, BUT YOU DO!

There is far more information about impact windows, so consider this blog a warm up for what’s coming next. Stay tuned for more information about Impact Windows Technology facts!