Impact Window Scams

Thanksgiving Day is about spending quality time with your family and friends and eating delicious food all day long. Black Friday is about going to the mall and/or Best Buy (and now going online) to find the best deals in home entertainment and clothing. But while the majority of people believe they will find great discounts on their favorite electronics the rest are also hoping to find similar discounts in just about anything else (lol).

If you are looking for discounts on impact windows on Black Friday or Cyber Monday, please BEWARE of scams as these “so cheap” windows WILL cost you more in the long run. Unfortunately, internet deals on impact windows may lure you away from buying the right impact window.

If you Google impact Windows today, the 1st result offers 45% WINDOW SALE while the 2nd result offers 35% discount. Now, even though 45% and 35% are significant discounts on impact windows for your home, you MUST think about if the price discount matches the quality of these windows. Also, impact windows are NOT easily replaceable items like home entertainment or clothing products, impact windows are a long-term investment for your home improvement that deserve proper analysis before purchasing.

If you are ready to invest in impact windows for your home and prepare for the next hurricane season you MUST do your proper research before you buy. Most if not all impact window companies offering large discounts on Black Friday do not offer the following features and benefits to homeowners:

  • Windows  that are Miami-Dade County Cat 5 approved provide the highest impact protection. Not only they will protect your home and family from storms, but these windows will protect you from home intrusions, which often occur during a hurricane crisis. Ask if those discounted impact windows are Miami-Dade County Cat 5 approved, you WILL be disappointed HA!
  • Windows and Doors that have Hi-Performance Glass reduce solar gain and lower energy consumption which translates into 40% reduction in your monthly energy bill (plus a 25% discount on homeowners insurance). To be more specific, ask if discounted impact windows are made of Miracle glass ™ 12-Layer/LOE3 technology. (this type of glass is responsible for the energy savings). Again, you WILL be disappointed.
  • Most window companies ONLY offer Lifetime warranty for their products, which in Florida is only 7 years, BUMMER! However, the  Storm Tight Windows warranty covers the life of the home, which means your windows are covered for as long as you own your home plus another 20 years to the person you sell your home to. BEWARE people! Other companies DO NOT offer this warranty terms.
  • Most window companies DO NOT manufacture their windows and they typically hire a third party for installation and repairs. This is a major cause for delay in product installation and excessive costs associated with extra labor and time on your windows. Ask your 45% discounted impact window retailer if they manufacture their own windows and how quickly is the installation process? YOU WILL BE DISAPPOINTED.

The best deal for people is often associated with the lowest price. However, this concept is so far from the reality, especially when window companies offer a 45%-35% discount on Black Friday. The most expensive window you can buy is the one that you will need to replace again in a few years because of poor quality and installation.

So, before you fall for a Black Friday Deal on Impact Windows, make sure you know your facts about the real savings associated with this investment.

Happy Shopping!