Experts Predict An Earlier Start To This Year's Hurricane Season

The NOAA may be considering changing the start of the hurricane season to May 15th due to early activity in the tropics as of recent. In fact, there have been early storm developments compared to previous years where the season starts well in mid-July. Now, why would we have an early start of the hurricane season this year? Well, based on recent reports from weather experts, the water temperature has gotten warmer much earlier compared to previous years. This will automatically allow for storms to develop earlier than usual.

How Would An Early Hurricane Season Affect Me?

The National Hurricane Center normally sends out a forecast by June 1st, this year, they will likely do so by May 15th. This means that we should also start our preparations a little earlier than usual. There may not be major storms during the first month of the season, however, mother nature has its own plan, and we should always be prepared. Starting your storm preparations early will give you peace of mind and time to focus on your loved ones. So please be sure to protect your windows and your home this hurricane season.

What You Should Do To Prepare For Hurricane Season 2021

Homeowners and coastal residents must prepare for the hurricane season regardless of weather predictions and the current pandemic. Please consider the following recommendations:

  • Upgrade your Home Windows: Replace any windows that are cracked, broken, leaking, or over 10 years old with Brand new, energy-efficient Impact Windows from Storm Tight Windows. Hurricane preparation begins with proper window protection.
  • Purchase Emergency Supplies: Stock up to non-perishable goods and plenty of water for everyone living in your household. We recommend you start shopping for these products as soon as possible. Keep in mind that social distancing measures and increased demand for emergency goods may affect your hurricane plans.
  • Make sure you purchase face masks, sanitizers, hand-soap, water, paper towels, and surface cleaners
  • Identify Flood areas prior to any storm. If you live in an easily flooded area, keep a few sandbags at home to prevent water from coming inside your home.
  • Prepare to Evacuate: Never underestimate the power of mother nature. Please follow all evacuation orders from your local authorities. Also, be ready to travel with face masks, gloves, and your personal hand-soap.
  • Identify all the nearest hospitals and Covid_19 testing sites around the area you plan to travel
    • Identify local supermarkets and pharmacies in route
  • Stay on top of the latest weather developments by watching the latest news and weather reports. Storm Tight Windows is proud to be the official Tracking the Tropics sponsor as seen on FOX 29, FOX 7, ABC 25, CBS 4.

Get The Best Quality Hurricane Impact Windows And Doors

As the #1 manufacturer of Category 5 Hurricane Rated, Miami Dade County Approved Impact Windows in South Florida, these are some of the benefits you will get when you invest in our hurricane impact windows and doors:

  • Superior Impact Protection – With the thickest gauge of virgin vinyl construction in the industry and features such as steel-reinforced sashes, Storm Tight Impact Windows provide unmatched strength and resistance against severe weather conditions, such as hurricane-force winds in excess of 200+MPH.
  • Superior Energy Efficiency – Storm Tight Windows and Doors have the ENERGY STAR® rating. This rating keeps the home temperature comfortable year-round and saves up to 40% on the monthly energy bill.
  • Superior 24/7 Security Protection – Storm Tight Windows are manufactured with a unique inner-locking system that is virtually impenetrable. This feature minimizes home invasion threats and saves people an average of 25% off their annual homeowner’s insurance expense.
  • Storm Tight Windows are rated Miami Dade County approved. This is the highest rating an Impact Window can receive. Only Impact Windows and Doors with these ratings will provide the highest impact protection against storms and home intrusions.

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