Oosterhouse will be speaking at the Home Design and Remodeling Show at Fort Lauderdale Convention Center this Friday Nov 22nd through Sunday Nov 24th

What do you think the reaction will be when they see Carter Oosterhouse this weekend at the Home Design and Remodeling show? Would you be interested in Oosterhouse’s presentation at the show about home improvement after recent scandals of him sexually harassing his old makeup artist Kailey Kaminsky? People tend to make quick judgements about brands represented by “unethical” individuals, so this weekend should be an interesting experience for those paying attention to the Oosterhouse drama.

If you are not familiar:

Carter Oostershouse or Home Improvement Reality TV shows, here’s a brief recap. Carter Oosterhouse is an American reality TV star who has gained fame and popularity as a carpenter on the TLC series Trading Spaces. He has also hosted several other home-improvement shows including Red, Hot & Green, Million Dollar Rooms, and Celebrity Motor Homes. His latest project includes co-hosting ABC’s hit primetime series, The Great Christmas Light Fight.

Typically, Carter Oosterhouse’s primary audience is families and individuals that are looking to improve their quality of lives by changing their surroundings and moving towards eco-friendly lifestyles. In fact, most of Carter’s work regarding home improvement is primarily influenced by his passion for respecting the environment and eco-friendly practices.

Now, ever since his first appearance in TLC’s Trading Spaces, the audience has made it obvious that he looked like a male model more than a carpenter; in fact, Oosterhouse was voted in People Magazine as “Sexiest Man on TV”. In other words, he became a public figure with lots of influence over his audience and has maintained a fairly decent reputation throughout the years until a few days ago. As with other celebrities in Hollywood and other arenas, Carter Oosterhouse was recently accused by his old makeup artist of sexual harassment while shooting the show "Carter Can".

Two Sides to every story!!

According to Carter Oosterhouse, he is innocent of the sexual harassment accusations as he acknowledged that he and his old makeup artist, Kailey Kaminsky, were in an intimate relationship that was 100% under mutual agreement. As matter of fact, Oosterhouse claimed amid the accusations that he “would have never done anything he was not sure was mutually agreeable”.

The scandal has escalated and spread across news channels, TV, and social media. However, Oosterhouse continues to work on all his TV show commitments and he is expected to participate as a speaker in the Home Design and Remodeling Show in Fort Lauderdale.

Storm Tight Windows will be at this event and we will be VERY close to where all the speakers will be at the show. Carter Oosterhouse is set to speak at 2PM and 4PM on Saturday and at 2PM on Sunday. We are curious to see people’s reaction to the main guest this weekend and of course, we'd like to hear his input on green-building solutions and design alternatives that conserve energy and reduce environmental waste. Come by and see what the fuss is all about folks.

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See you at the show!