2019 Impact Winner Giveaway Winner is Jerry and Diana from Palm City, FL

Today is an extremely special day for the entire Storm Tight Windows staff. Today, we get to announce to the world the winner of our 2019 $25,000 Impact Window Giveaway. Congratulations Diana and Jerry of Palm City in Palm City, FL! You are this year's winners of our $25,000 Home Impact Window Giveaway, courtesy of Storm Tight Windows. Our long-time Partners, ABC 25 WPBF just announced Jerry and Diana’s names Live on TV for everyone to know.

Diana and Jerry often worried about protecting their home from hurricanes as well as possible home intrusions. However, once they learned they could cut down their energy bills and outside noise inside their home, they could not resist entering our Giveaway.

If you haven’t read the most important facts about the BEST Impact Window for your home, this is your opportunity. Here are the most important facts about impact windows:

Why Choose Storm Tight Windows?

  • Storm Tight Windows are Miami-Dade County Cat 5 approved and provide the highest impact protection. This is the highest rating for impact windows. Thus, Storm Tight Windows has offers the best protection from storms and home intrusions.
  • Storm Tight Windows will finally help Diana and Jerry make REAL savings (up to 40% worth of savings) on their energy bill and provide them with an extra 25% discount on their homeowners' insurance next year.
  • Storm Tight Windows' warranty covers the life of your home. And, the same warranty will work another 20 years for the next owner. Usually, most window companies only offer a Lifetime warranty for their windows, which in Florida is only 7 years, BUMMER!

The Storm Tight Window Advantage

There are other reasons to invest in Storm Tight windows right now. Let’s go through a few more important facts:

  1. Typically, sales volume decreases in STW Warehouse during the holiday season. However, the STW factory does not stop production in the winter. Thus, we offer weekly factory discounts for homeowners to get their windows at a cheaper price. Buying impact windows from Storm Tight during the Holidays is beneficial because of our warehouse holiday discounts to homeowners.
  2. You can finance your new set of impact windows with Storm Tight Windows right now and still go Christmas shopping. How? Storm Tight Windows offers low rate financing payment plans for our selected customers. In fact, you could qualify to have your first payment six months away from today. This means you'll do your holiday shopping as planned AND prepare for the next hurricane season in the same month! That’s a win-win.
  3. Storm Tight Windows and Doors have Hi-Performance Glass reduces solar gain and lowers energy consumption in your home. This process translates into a 40% reduction in your monthly energy bill (plus a 25% discount on homeowners' insurance). To be more specific, our impact windows are made of Miracle glass ™ 12-Layer/LOE3 technology. (this type of glass is responsible for the energy savings).
  4. You can SAVE time and beat the crowds by installing your windows during the Holidays. Moreover, you will save yourself from last-minute hurricane preparations.
  5. Most window companies DO NOT manufacture their windows and they typically hire a third party for installation and repairs. This causes delays in product installation and it raises costs of labor.

Enter Now for Next Years Giveaway

If you are unable to start your Hurricane Prep this Holiday Season, no worries. You can WIN a $25,000 Impact Window Makeover by texting “ANYA” to 797979 TODAY. Alternatively, you can also TEXT a different keyword (which you can find in ALL Storm Tight Windows media channels) to 797979. TEXT to WIN now and enjoy the safety and security that Diana and Jerry will now have in their home.  

By participating you consent to receive future text messages regarding your participation. No purchase required. Message & data rates apply. Terms and conditions apply. Visit Storm Tight Windows for details.

THANK YOU to all our business partners, staff, and customers for being part of the Storm Tight Windows family! THANK YOU for your support! Happy Holidays and remember, when it must be done RIGHT, CALL Storm Tight!