Based on the current predictions for the 2021 hurricane season, early preparation goes a long way. Please read the following tips to prevent disasters during a storm. It is very important to know exactly what to do when a storm hits. But it is also important to know what not to do during a storm. Taking the correct course of action will keep you, your family and your home safe.

Don't Do This During A Hurricane

  1. Do not tape your windows: If you don't have Impact Windows or shutters, PLEASE do not tape your windows. When you tape your windows, there is a higher chance the glass will break into larger pieces if impacted by debris. Not only this is dangerous but also useless as it does not offer any increased protection.

    2. Do not open your windows during a storm: opening windows or doors during a hurricane is perhaps the biggest mistake you could make. When hurricane-force winds come in through an open window, this wind will look for an exit route and potentially blow off your roof. It is considerably safer to leave all windows and doors closed to prevent tough winds to cause more damage.

    3. Only protect the windows facing the water: When a hurricane makes landfall, winds are likely to come at various speeds and directions. Therefore, unprotected windows with little or no protection are still in danger due to the unpredictable wind speed and direction. One open window has the potential of building enough pressure inside your home to cause substantial damage.

    4. Pushing back or leaning against your windows and doors: Intense storms and wind pressure will likely place immense force on your house's windows. You should not lean against your windows hoping to fight the wind force. If your windows do break, you are more likely to get hurt trying to save or fix the window than if you stay far away from it.

What You Should Do During A Hurricane

We strongly recommend you start your hurricane preparations early and ahead of time. Storm Tight Windows remains the #1 Manufacturer of Impact Windows in South Florida and advocates for quality products and workmanship of hurricane protection.

Get Your Hurricane Prep Game On!

Preparing for hurricane season requires some research and a bit of work. If you prepare for hurricanes ahead of time you will have less to worry about, you will save money on supplies, and you will protect your home and loved ones.

Follow These Steps

• Start your preparations early. Make sure your homeowners and flood insurance are up to date.
• Track every storm development by following WFLX Fox 29 Storm Team next Hurricane Season and stay on top of the news.
• Prepare an emergency kit including non-perishable foods and water, medicines, first aid kit, water, flashlights, and extra batteries. Please always keep these in your home.
• Have a plan: come up with a “case of emergency plan” with your family or loved ones prior to the storm. Ask yourself these questions, where will you seek last-minute shelter? How would you evacuate in case of flooding? Do you have a plan for your pets? Do you live with a senior relative? If so, how would you keep them safe during the storm?
• Identify Flooding areas in your community: what areas in your neighborhood get flooded first? If you don’t know, go to FEMA’s map service center to learn about flooding areas.
• Protect financial or personal documents: please secure your personal documents in a safety box (or the cloud); if you are leaving home behind, make sure you gather your personal documents in a secure place.

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