Storm Tight Windows-Nascar Giveaway

We are delighted to announce that Storm Tight Windows is giving NASCAR fans a chance to win $25,000 in brand new Impact Windows this coming Sunday, February 16th during the Daytona 500. Be sure to look for Daytona 500 Impact Window Giveaway this Sunday on WFLX Fox Channel 29. You could WIN $25,000 in brand new Impact Windows every commercial break, courtesy of Storm Tight Windows.

About NASCAR...

NASCAR Racing season starts in a few days, so we thought it would be a great idea to go over a few fun facts about the sport you probably haven’t thought of very much:

  • Vinyl decals on a race car are applied with the use of a hairdryer. As strange as this may sound, all decals are applied to each race car with a hairdryer. Go figure!
  • You may think that NASCAR drivers and even Formula 1 drivers don't need to train as much as a runner or a soccer player. Think again! NASCAR requires drivers to weigh in exactly 200 pounds, and most drivers should sustain somewhere between 120-150 beats per minute (which is about the average heart rate of a marathon runner). In other words, NASCAR drivers need to be in good athletic shape to race successfully.
  • NASCAR does not require its drivers to hold a valid driver’s license. Au Contraire, drivers must pass drug screens, meet weight criteria, and pass other physical tests, but racers do not need a Driver's License to compete.
  • NASCAR drivers need to weigh 200 pounds in order to race. This weight includes all the equipment, outfit, and body weight, which in combination with the car, it should add up to exactly 3,450 pounds. While some drivers compensate for their lighter weight with bulkier equipment or bodyweight, others compensate net weight through car equipment. In other words, weight requirements are critical for racing and optimal performance.
  • NASCAR Cup Series season is 36 races long which starts in February with the Daytona 500 and it ends in November at Homestead-Miami Speedway. Therefore, don’t miss your chance to watch the beginning of this season this Sunday, February 16th on WFLX FOX Channel 29.

What else do you know about NASCAR?

Are there any other facts about NASCAR you want to know about? Please leave us a comment on this blog and let us know about your thoughts and where you plan to watch the race. Furthermore, make sure you tune into WFLX Fox Channel 29 on Sunday for a chance to win a $25,000 impact window makeover courtesy of Storm Tigh Windows.

Why Participate Storm Tight Windows Giveaway?

Superior Quality

Storm Tight Windows are rated Miami Dade Cat 5 approved. This is the highest rating an Impact Window can receive. Only Impact Windows with these ratings will provide the highest impact protection, they will be better suited to protect your home and family from storms and home intrusions.

Storm Tight windows warranty covers the windows for the life of your home plus 20 years for the next homeowner. Usually, most window companies only offer a Lifetime warranty for their products, which in Florida is only 7 years.

Storm Tight Windows and Doors have Hi-performance Glass reduce solar gain and lower energy consumption which translates into 40% reduction in your monthly energy bill (plus a 25% discount on homeowners insurance).

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To enter the STW Nascar Giveaway, you can TEXT the promo code "DAYTONA" to 797979 to enter for free today. By participating you consent to receive future text messages regarding your participation. No purchase required. Message & data rates apply. Terms and conditions apply. Visit Storm Tight Windows for details.