Homeowners are rarely familiar with the "behind the scenes" of remodeling their homes. People get excited to start a new home improvement project, but they lose that excitement when they face delays due to additional home inspections or homeowner’s association approvals. When homeowners purchase new impact windows for their home, they almost never research the window company they buy from, and they often choose the cheapest impact window provider.

Homeowners in South Florida, please take your time to research your next impact window provider, it will be worth it. Why? Installing new impact windows is a meticulous process that requires a team with enough experience and knowledge that guarantees a job well done and customer satisfaction. Therefore, to ensure your future investment, we suggest you keep reading.

How To Choose Your Impact Window Provider?

When you decide to install impact windows in your home, you are making a valuable investment to protect your home and your loved ones. Therefore, make sure you choose an impact window provider that is willing to walk you through the installation process and support you with your homeowners’ association procedures associated with impact windows.

Please consider the following suggestions:

  • Do your proper research online and offline about impact window companies. Look for companies that not only receive favorable reviews (online and offline) but also companies that undertake corrective action when it is needed.
  • Choose Impact Window Manufacturers over Distributors. Typically, distributors require third parties to manufacture and install which raises the end price of the product.
  • Choose companies that provide impact window samples for you to see, explain the details of the warranty, and provide you with a written estimate.
  • Look for the Miami Dade County Cat 5 approval, this is the highest rating an Impact Window can receive for hurricane protection.
    • BEWARE of Impact Window Distributors who claim their windows are Miami Dade Category 5 approved.  You may be surprised, but there are companies that use this approval as mere advertising. For more information about the Miami Dade County Certification process for Impact Windows, click here.
  • Another sign of business credibility would be third-party endorsements such as television networks and radio. Keep in mind these organizations use rigorous criteria to evaluate manufacturers and products and reputations. We strongly recommend impact windows manufacturers as they are 100% responsible for the manufacturing, distribution, and sales process.

Storm Tight Windows Best Features

Storm Tight Windows has been the #1 Impact Window manufacturer in South Florida for the last 21 years. Some of our products best features that have remained intact throughout the years include the following:

  • Storm Tight Windows and Doors Hi-Performance Glass reduces solar gain and lower energy consumption which translates into a 40% reduction in your monthly energy bill (plus a 25% discount on homeowners’ insurance).
  • Storm Tight windows warranty runs for the life of your home plus another 20 years to the person you sell your home to. Usually, most window companies only offer a Lifetime warranty for their products, which in Florida is only 7 years, BUMMER!
  • Storm Tight Windows manufactures all their replacement windows and doors, so you have the benefit of purchasing your windows factory direct. This reduces the need for “middleman” markups which indicates a better-quality product at a more reasonable price for you!

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