The 2020 Hurricane Season Could Bring At Least 3 Major Hurricanes

According to weather experts, the 2020 hurricane season may be the most active season in recorded history. Many South Florida residents consider themselves "war tested" when it comes to hurricanes. Unfortunately this false sense of security results in many people waiting till the last minute to do their preparations. As the country begins to reopen amid COVID 19, last-minute hurricane preparation could be slightly different this year. 

If one of those preparation items is plywood to shutter up the windows then you should be prepared to wait in long lines at the hardware store as social distancing requirements will certainly cause delays at checkout. 

South Florida residents are encouraged to prepare for this hurricane season much sooner this year if they want to ensure they will get the supplies and equipment they need before a major hurricane threatens to make landfall.

How To Prepare For Hurricane Season During A Pandemic

Homeowners and coastal residents must prepare for the hurricane season regardless of weather predictions and the current pandemic. Please consider the following recommendations:

  • Upgrade your Home Windows: Replace any windows that are cracked, broken, leaking, or over 10 years old with Brand new, energy-efficient Impact Windows from Storm Tight Windows. Hurricane preparation begins with proper window protection.
  • Purchase Emergency Supplies: Stock up to non-perishable goods and plenty of water for everyone living in your household. We recommend you start shopping for these products as soon as possible. Keep in mind that social distancing measures and increased demand for emergency goods may affect your hurricane plans.
  • Make sure you purchase face masks, sanitizers, hand-soap, water, paper towels, and surface cleaners
  • Identify Flood areas prior to any storm. If you live in an easily flooded area, keep a few sandbags at home to prevent water from coming inside your home.
  • Prepare to Evacuate: Never underestimate the power of mother nature. Please follow all evacuation orders from your local authorities. Also, be ready to travel with face masks, gloves, and your personal hand-soap.
  • Identify all the nearest hospitals and Covid_19 testing sites around the area you plan to travel
    • Identify local supermarkets and pharmacies in route
  • Stay on top of the latest weather developments by watching the latest news and weather reports. Storm Tight Windows is proud to be the official Tracking the Tropics sponsors as seen on FOX 29, FOX 7, ABC 25, CBS 4.

South Florida Could Face A Major Hurricane This Season

2020 Hurricane season is on the horizon folks. This is a reality no one can escape. In the past, South Florida residents have not prepared for major hurricane scenarios believing “it will not happen to us” or, “the storm will turn around last minute, don’t worry”. This time, no one should wait for the last minute to start their hurricane preparations. The longer people wait to act, the harder it will be to purchase the necessary emergency items for a storm, especially during a pandemic.

If homeowners in South Florida prepare ahead of any major storm, many lives will be saved, and less damage will occur. Remember, hurricanes will not wait for anyone to be ready for them.

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