The window sash is that part of the window you move up or down when opening or closing the window. The sash provides stability to the window, and it allows its key function. Usually, you can find window sashes on double-hung windows or casement windows.

Maintaining your window sashes is important because these can lose their functionality over time. Poor maintenance could force you to replace the entire window.

Let’s gather more information about window sashes and what you can do to keep your windows working overtime.

Where Is The Window Sash?

As mentioned before, you can find window sashes in most window styles. Particularly on casement and double-hung windows. Single-hung windows also feature “single sashes”. These have one sash that moves to open the window, and another one that does not.

Modern residential and custom impact windows feature sashes on their windows. Traditional windows (mostly wooden windows) include sashes, but these are easily damaged by weather or impact. Modern and high-end quality impact windows have reinforced sashes. These sashes are capable of sustaining Category 5 Hurricane winds or break-ins.

Issues Associated With Window Sashes

Homeowners rarely need to replace window sashes. This may happen when the sashes are very old or completely lost their functionality. Wooden sashes are easily affected by weather changes or time. When wooden sashes stop working right, water or air can easily get in through the window. On other occasions, the window will not open properly.

Aluminum window sashes also lose functionality due to weather occurrences or impact. A good indicator for this problem is that you will notice sweating or condensation on the window. If this occurs, be sure to inspect your window and check for rotting spots on the frame and across the sashes as well.

Vinyl windows are the most resistant out of the three materials. Normally, vinyl windows and sashes tend to last much longer and resist mother nature’s events. However, this does not mean vinyl sashes cannot suffer damage. Today you can find multiple window companies that offer vinyl windows. However, these are not made of the most durable vinyl on the market. Only windows with virgin vinyl will be able to resist Category 5 winds and break-ins. Be sure to verify the quality of the vinyl on your windows before you make an upgrade to your old windows.

Window Sash Maintenance

Normally, window sashes rarely need maintenance. But, if you have wooden windows, be sure to inspect the paint or sealant which deteriorates over time. Also, keep an eye out for mold, mildew, scratches, or any other deterioration on the window sash. These minor issues can force you into replacing the entire window.

If after inspecting your window sashes you do not see any problems, go ahead and open/close the window to test its functionality.

On many occasions, homeowners will likely replace the window sash and delay a full window replacement. Unfortunately, when you allow small issues on the sashes to grow over time, it is almost inevitable to replace the window.

If you are having issues with your old windows, please be sure to contact your window manufacturer for assistance.

Storm Tight Windows Technology & Window Sashes

  • Premium Impact Resistance: Storm Tight Windows feature the thickest gauge of virgin vinyl construction and steel-reinforced sashes on all of their windows, including double-hung. This allows them to provide unparalleled strength and resistance against the most severe weather conditions.
  • Enhanced Energy Efficiency: Our ENERGY STAR®-rated windows keep your interior comfortable and can help you save up to 40% on your monthly utility bills. Our windows are built with insulated glass and thick 90-gauge vinyl frames that last.
  • Superior Security: Our unique interlocking window sash does more than protect against storms; it also minimizes the threat of home invasions and saves homeowners an average of 25% off their annual homeowner’s insurance expenses.

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