It is never too late to upgrade your windows, especially when this year’s hurricane season is one of the most intense seasons in history. If there are no big storms in the horizon, there is still time to prepare. Better late than ever, right? And just because it’s summer, you can use this opportunity to give your home a new look with new windows. 

Home renovations always take time and money, but don’t panic, we have a solution for you. Storm Tight Windows offers custom designs that fit your style preferences and budget. Our team includes top designers, manufacturers, and installers, so you can have peace of mind knowing every step of your window replacement will be a breeze. No matter your style preference or installation time frame, we guarantee we can craft the perfect Impact Window fit for your home.

Now that we have taken care of budget constraints and other concerns, let’s dive into our preferred window upgrades for this summer:

Upgrade to Floor-to-Ceiling windows

People often associate summer in Florida with rising temperatures and bad weather. This assumption is not wrong. But one could argue that summer is also about sunshine and natural light coming into your home. Sunlight can light up your mood and your living room areas. Also, extra sunlight inside your home can provide you with daily doses of vitamin D we need to stay healthy.

Casement windows are a fantastic option to improve lightning inside your home. This window style is super easy to use and designed to always keep your home safe.

You can also increase light inside your home by choosing double-hung windows or a combination of two window styles. And if you are unsure about which window style is best, you should ask for professional advice. Now, when it comes to window professionals, Storm Tight Windows is your best ally for your summer window renovations. We will help you choose a window style that works best for you & your home.

Improve Ventilation With Awning Windows

Awning windows are a great option to improve ventilation in specific areas of your home. Since they’re hinged at the top, they can stay open through sunny days and rainy nights alike. Also, awning windows are great for kitchen areas, especially when you want to get rid of cooking smells quick.

Keep Your Homes’ Temperature Cooler and Steady all year-round

Energy efficient impact windows from Storm Tight Windows are the perfect summer upgrade for your home! So, no more worries about your home getting warmer because of the extra sunlight. Our windows will keep your home’s temperature nice and fresh all year round. In fact, our windows are so efficient that they will also save you up to 40% in your monthly electric bill.

When you live in South Florida, you know that temperatures rise to 100 F in our hottest days. So, if you to invest in our energy efficient windows you will guaranteed get a return on your investment. How so? Well, when you install Storm Tight Windows in your home you automatically saving thousands of dollars on your monthly energy bill. Knowing this fact, is enough reason to consider investing in a long-term solution.

This is one of the BEST upgrades you can do to your home this summer.

Add New Décor To Your New Windows

To take your latest window upgrade to the next level, throw in some summer décor for your new windows. When you choose your blinds, curtains, or drapes for your new windows, please consider the latest color trends for 2021. These trends include different shades of green (sage, green foliage, and bluish green), pastel shades (minion yellow, lime green, or blue), orange (works well with earthy colors), blue (navy blue or the lighter tones) and grey (the most popular color in most living rooms this year)

Sumer Upgrades That Will Bring You Peace Of Mind

With Storm Tight Windows, you do not have to settle for windows that do not provide energy savings or Maximum Impact Protection for your family.

Our category 5 hurricane rated hurricane impact windows are guaranteed to match your aesthetic, protect your family, and help you save money over time. On top of our superior products, we offer industry-leading warranty protection, exceptional customer care, and flexible financing options even for those who have less than perfect credit.

If you have any questions about our window solutions, please do not hesitate to contact us at 561-861-1880 to start your window project.