There are many common myths about hurricane preparation that South Florida homeowners are likely to hear repeated. Unfortunately, while we understand hurricanes are serious storms with potentially devastating consequences, some advice can be misleading. Here at Storm Tight Windows in Florida, we want to separate fact from fiction as you prepare your home. The key is taking proper precautions while avoiding costly mistakes and expensive damage.

Hurricanes Affect More than Coastal Communities

Hurricanes can cause damaging winds and flooding in communities hundreds of miles away from the eye of the storm, as it takes some time for a storm as large as a hurricane to lose strength. This means that severe thunderstorm conditions, possible tornados, and damaging wind gusts can threaten every community.

Home Safety During the Storm

 If your local officials issue a mandatory evacuation of your neighborhood, it is important to follow their instructions. While it might be tempting to "wait and see" if the evacuation is necessary, remember that roadways will quickly become congested, and fuel might also be in short supply. By evacuating as early as possible, you can ensure that you are safe and prepared for whatever may happen next.

An evacuation may not even be necessary for less severe storms, but that doesn't mean that you should take some basic precautions before the storm arrives. Unfortunately, there are a few myths about how to protect your home during a hurricane best, including:

  • You Can Protect Your Windows with Tape: Nearly every coastal resident has heard that protecting your windows is as simple as taping them in an X pattern. It's said that the tape will prevent your windows from breaking or shattering. Unfortunately, taping your windows with an X will not keep them any safer. Plywood or pre-installed storm shutters are the best way to protect your windows from hurricane winds and flying debris.
  • You Only Need to Protect One Side of Your Home: Many believe it is only necessary to reinforce windows or doors on the coastal side of their home. However, eventually, every side of your building will likely be exposed to the hurricane-strength winds, so make sure you reinforce ALL your windows and doors.
  • Open a Door or Window to Relief the Pressure: There is no need to relieve any building pressure in your house during any part of the storm. While it is true that the hurricane does wreak havoc with air pressure as it passes, this does not pose any risk to the structure of your house. On the contrary, it increases the risk of damage.

Hurricanes and Your Home Insurance

The most common myth is that a standard homeowners insurance policy will cover all the damage from a hurricane. However, while your traditional homeowner's insurance will likely cover some of the damage that the hurricane might cause, it won't cover all the damage. This is because any part of your home damaged by rainfall or storm surge is considered flood damage, typically covered under a separate type of policy. Also, unless your home is in specific flood zones, you aren't likely to be required to have flood insurance.

Be sure you know exactly what your insurance policy does (or does not) cover, and take some time to decide if a flood policy is necessary. If you buy additional coverage for flooding, it's important to note that this type of policy comes with different rules and regulations than typical homeowner's policies.

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