When you live in South Florida or another hurricane-prone community, it’s important to find ways to shore up your home to better withstand a storm.

Some storm prep doesn’t begin until right before the wind starts to blow, but there are some steps you can take now to fortify your home and reduce the risk of damage.

Installing impact windows is one example of something you can do now to get ready for extreme weather, and this investment offers benefits that make it a smart home improvement—and those benefits go beyond hurricane protection.

When you choose high-performance impact doors and windows, you’ll enjoy:

Enhanced Security

Impact windows are stronger than traditional windows, making them much more difficult to breach. That means you can feel more secure in your home knowing that your new windows provide an extra measure of protection.

Less Outside Noise

Thicker glass means less outside noise, and that means a quieter home.

Improved Energy Efficiency

Impact windows offer better energy efficiency than many traditional windows. What does that mean to you? It means potential savings on your heating and cooling costs.

Insurance Discounts

Some homeowners’ insurance policies offer a discount for installing impact windows and doors. Talk with your insurance agent to see if you’re eligible for this type of price reduction.

Of course, the main reason many homeowners consider impact windows is for the enhanced storm protection they provide. Storm Tight Windows installs high-performance hurricane windows that keep damaged glass in the frame, minimizing damage and reducing the risk of potential injury from flying glass.

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