Florida Hurricane Windows

Hurricane season is no joke, and for many homeowners, it can be absolutely frightening. When storms are strong enough, the risk of severe damage is present. Homes are particularly susceptible and windows can be a huge point of vulnerability. Oftentimes, this is the part of the home that becomes damaged first. 

The best way to combat this is by staying informed. Knowing how hurricanes can affect your windows, where damage occurs, and how you can prevent it with the right window replacement is key. In this blog, we'll focus on these three areas of information so that you can be prepared for the next incoming hurricane.

How Does a Hurricane Affect the Windows?

Standard windows can be very weak and are rarely built to withstand extreme hurricane weather. While every tropical storm is different, there are a few primary ways in which the windows can be affected. First off, hurricanes bring with them extremely high winds. In some cases, these winds are strong enough to bend, warp, and break your glass pane. Even if the wind isn't strong enough for that, it can certainly throw around objects. If these objects were to collide with your windows, shattered glass is guaranteed to occur.

What Window Features Are Typically Damaged?

Windows have a few main weak points against hurricanes. The most obvious is the glass. Standard windows do not feature glass panes that are strong enough to withstand impact, so they can crack very easily. While this is the biggest sign of window failure, hidden symptoms can appear as well. High winds can warp your window frame, causing seals to break. Over time, these seals will worsen and your home will no longer be energy efficient. If window frame warping is drastic enough, you may even have trouble opening and closing the fixture.

Preventing Damage With Hurricane Window Installations

The single most effective way to ensure that your home windows stay strong during a hurricane is by investing in storm windows in Florida. Hurricane windows are constructed differently and feature higher-quality materials that are more resistant to strong weather. Some primary features include:

  • Impact Resistant Glass That Will Not Shatter or Break
  • Durable Window Frames That Will Not Warp
  • Strong Construction Materials Including Aluminum and Tempered Glass

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Knowing what you do now, it's imperative that you upgrade your South Florida home with impact windows. Doing so will give you absolute peace of mind during the next storm. Storm Tight Windows of Florida is the premier storm window company in the area, and we are proudly rated A+ by the Better Business Bureau. We manufacture all our hurricane windows in-house as well, so you can be sure that the quality is flawless.

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