we take pride in making the highest grade hurricane impact windows


Why Storm Tight Windows? At Storm Tight we take tremendous pride in manufacturing the highest grade hurricane impact windows and doors available on the market today! We understand that protecting homes from damaging tropical storms and hurricanes are of the utmost importance to our clients. Maintaining our outstanding position with the Better Business Bureau and Qualified Remodeler 500 has kept us at the top of all home improvement companies nationwide. See our ranking here. Our complete line of impact windows and doors not only keep you safe in the event of a hurricane, but they also protect you from home invasions. Your home is most likely your most important investment and protecting it with energy efficient impact glass is a smart way to protect your home. Our line of impact windows and impact doors are also Energy Star Rated and can reduce your energy consumption by up to 40%, which pays for your investment in a short period of time. The increased property value and lower utility bills along with the hurricane and storm protection proves that investing in quality is a smart choice that our clients enjoy for a lifetime. When it comes to replacement windows and doors, Storm Tight is setting the industry standard. For safety, security, and beautiful impact windows and doors that stand up to just about anything, Storm Tight is the only solution that meets our clients’ needs. We thank you in advance for the opportunity to serve you.

energy efficient impact windows saves money and has less impact on the environment

Why has energy efficiency become such a hot button issue in the past few years? With so much talk of the man-made influence on climate change in the news coupled with the financial effects of the economic downturn, it is no wonder that energy efficiency has become such a hot button topic in recent years. No one wants to waste money unnecessarily. And no one wants to be responsible for wasteful energy use, squandering precious natural resources, or contributing to air pollution on a local or a global level. More recent technological advances such as the hybrid vehicle, solar paneling and energy efficient products for the home give homeowners an opportunity to do their part to contribute to creating a greener environment while saving real money on energy costs. For the average homeowner in South Florida, monthly cooling bills from FPL often average several hundred dollars per month. And in today’s economic climate, every dollar counts. That’s why having energy efficient impact windows and doors from Storm Tight is so important. Our clients are currently seeing a significant decrease off their monthly FPL bills from the previous year after installing our energy efficient replacement windows and doors in their home! Energy Star® Home

Storm Tight Windows are Energy Star Rated

The Department of Energy and the Environmental Protection Agency have developed the Energy Star® designation for products that meet certain energy-saving performance criteria. Florida falls into the Southern Zone within this classification where cooling needs are predominant. For the Southern Zone, the Department of Energy recommends that windows have a Solar Heat Gain Coefficient of 0.40 or less. This is the most important window property in warm weather. Additionally, the Department made a recommendation regarding U-factors. They suggest a U-factor of no greater than 0.65 in these warm climates. Hurricane windows and doors that meet or exceed the criteria above are considered Energy Star® windows and doors. We are proud to say that ALL Storm Tight window and door products are Energy Star Rated.

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