What Are Window Bucks?

Window Bucks are an essential part of any window installation process. A wood buck is a wood frame that was set into the wall to define the space for window installation.

During construction, builders must leave openings in the walls for the window installation. Window bucks are the opening lines with these frames. Impact window installers use window bucks to define the space for window installation. Installers use wood laminates to build window bucks

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Constructing a Wood Buck

You can make a wood buck in three ways, according to ICF Builder Magazine. The first, and most common, the second option is the external buck. The ends of the buck are placed flush with both faces of the wall using a frame of 1 by 4s attached to both sides of the buck to fasten the buck to the wall. The second option is an internal buck cut to the width of the opening in the wall and secured with long drywall screws. The third option is a combination of the first two.

The Window Buck Installation Process

Wood bucks installed in concrete walls or bucks that might touch concrete need to be made from pressure-treated wood or separated from the concrete by a waterproof material.

ICF Builder Magazine recommends installers follow these tips for building bucks.:

  • Use hot-dipped galvanized nails as fasteners to prevent corroding the other fasteners.
  • Hammer the nails to the outside of the buck about every three inches.
  • When the window opening is larger than three feet, horizontally or vertically, you can prevent bowing by bracing the buck every two feet.
  • If the buck is large, help lift and position the sill on the wall by fastening blocks to the sill.

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