Boyton Beach Mall this Weekend!

The Best Givaway this Holiday Season

Hello Boynton Beach Homeowners! This is Anya your home blogger reporting for duty again! This Friday November 15th come to the Boynton Beach Mall and look for the Storm Tight Windows booth and enter to win $25,000 worth of impact windows for your home! We are 30 DAYS AWAY from announcing the winner of $25,000 worth of impact windows, which means you still have time to participate! So, hurry up and sign up!

The holiday season is upon us, and although it is very exciting to get on with our holiday shopping, I certainly recommend all homeowners to take a brief pause during their mall shopping and think of how valuable it could be to participate in the Storm Tight Windows giveaway.

Now, what is it about these impact windows that make them so special? Or better yet, what makes Storm Tight Windows BETTER than the competitors’ windows? Glad you asked. Let’s go ahead and review a few reasons why you should participate in the Storm Tight Windows giveaway:

  • Storm Tight windows warranty covers you for life of your home plus 20 years (So, for however long you own your home, you are covered). Usually, most window companies only offer Lifetime warranty for their products, which in Florida is only 7 years.
  • Storm Tight Windows manufactures all their replacement windows and doors, so you have the benefit of purchasing your windows factory direct. This reduces the need for “middleman” markups which means a better-quality product at a better price for you! On the other hand, most window companies DO NOT manufacture their windows and they typically hire a third party for installation and repairs. This is a major cause for delay in product installation and excessive costs associated with extra labor and time on your windows.
  • The highest rating that an Impact Windows can receive is a Category 5 Rating with a Miami Dade County approval. Only Impact Windows with these ratings will provide the highest impact protection, up to a 40% reduction in your monthly energy bill and up to a 25% discount on your homeowner’s insurance. Ask around if other companies will offer Category 5 rating-Miami Dade County Approval.
  • Often people worry about cost of impact windows without considering that by making the proper investment in Storm Tight Windows will virtually pay for itself in a few years with the energy savings alone. The most expensive window you can buy is the one that you will need to replace again in a few years because of poor quality and installation.

Want to know more about Storm Tight Windows? When you get to the Boynton Beach Mall make sure to find the Storm Tight Windows team member near the center court display and ask how to you can enter to win $25,000 worth of impact windows. Stay tuned for the next blog posts and make sure to follow us on social media channels so you don’t miss an update.

Remember, the winner of this contest will be announced on December 13th live from Kiss Country 99.9-South Florida’s Original Country. Stay tuned for updates! See you at the mall!