Are Impact Windows Worth Your Money?

Price is one of the biggest concerns when homeowners start a new home improvement project. And with good reason. The truth is, home appliances and home improvement products are expensive. Now, when the price is a concern, the best approach is to get the best deal for your buck. When it comes to impact windows, the price range can go from very low cheap to “cannot afford it” expensive. However, the quality of the product is the most important aspect of buying impact windows. Why? Let’s just say the most expensive Impact Window you can buy is the one you have to replace a few years after it was installed because of sacrificing quality and service to get the cheapest price.

The truth is all Impact Windows are expensive but not all will give you a 100% return on investment. If you are considering making the investment of installing Impact Windows on your home the least expensive way to do it is to do it right the first time. Storm Tight Windows offers you the best value by far

5 Hurricane Prep Tips That Are Worth It

  • Protect your home windows NOW and prevent waiting for long lines at the hardware store while social distancing.
    • Take advantage of our August Hurricane Season Blow Out Sale with Factory Rebates up to $5,000 on 10 Windows or more, Free installation, and No Payments for up to 6 months.
  • Watch Tracking The Tropics segment Sponsored by Storm Tight Windows on WFLX Fox 29, WPBF ABC 25, WSVN Fox 7, and WFOR CBS 4.
  • Prepare an emergency kit including non-perishable foods and water, medicines, first aid kit, water, flashlights, and extra batteries. Please always keep these in your home.
  • Prepare to Evacuate: Never underestimate the power of mother nature. Please follow all evacuation orders from your local authorities. Also, be ready to travel with face masks, gloves, and your personal hand-soap
  • Identify Flooding areas in your community: what areas in your neighborhood get flooded first? If you don’t know, go to FEMA’s map service center to learn about flooding areas.

What Makes Impact Windows Worth it?

Storm Tight Windows is the #1 manufacturer of Impact Windows in South Florida. If you decide to invest in our hurricane impact windows, these are some of the benefits you will enjoy:

  • Superior Impact Protection – With the thickest gauge of virgin vinyl construction in the industry and features such as steel-reinforced sashes, Storm Tight Impact Windows provides unmatched strength and resistance against severe weather conditions.
  • Superior Energy Efficiency – Thanks to features such as insulated glass, their Impact Windows are ENERGY STAR® rated. Installing Storm Tight Impact Windows will keep your home temperature comfortable year-round and save you up to 40% on monthly energy bills.
  • Superior 24/7 Security Protection – Storm Tight Windows are manufactured with a unique inner-locking system that is virtually impenetrable.

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