Impact Windows Deals On Cyber Monday

If you are looking for discounts on impact windows today, please BEWARE of Cyber Monday deals. These “big discount” window scams, WILL cost you more in the long run. Unfortunately, internet deals on impact windows may lure you away from buying the right impact window.

If you are ready to invest in impact windows for your home and prepare for the next hurricane season you MUST do the proper research before you buy. The following are some of the Cyber Monday deals I found on a Google search, that I would recommend staying away from:

Cyber Monday Impact Window special: if you Google Impact Windows today, the 1st result will display a whopping “45% WINDOW SALE” and the caption “We will beat any competitors Price on supplying and installing Impact Windows and Doors”. This offer does sound like a great deal, why? Because most consumers want quick results, especially on Cyber Monday. Nonetheless, this 45% discount is not the best deal in the long run for any homeowner trying to upgrade or switch to Impact Windows and Doors. As a matter of fact, if you do adequate research and proper math, you will be surprised that investing in the right impact windows and doors for your home will turn out to be far better than any Cyber Monday Window special.

What about Window Shutters?

Cyber Monday Window Shutter special: On the other hand, if you Google window shutters this week, the third result (paid ad) shows “Window Shutters, 40% off plus an extra 25% off Cyber Monday special”. WOW, this is a better deal than impact windows, way cheaper right? NOPE, it is not a good deal. Again, do you remember in my previous post What is better, Impact Windows or Hurricane Shutters? I mentioned that window shutters appear convenient as they are far cheaper solutions to hurricane protection. They are NOT. Shutters require installation costs and they need to be un-installed (another cost) after the storm. Keep in mind, most homeowners’ associations require residents to uninstall shutters a few days after the storm. Moreover, Shutters do provide ANY return on investment for the homeowner. This means that a homeowner will continue to add costs indefinitely every time a storm gets close to their home.

These impact windows are cheap but average quality special: I would stay away from Home Depot Cyber Monday deals today and any other company that promises lower prices on their impact windows. Since their quality is equivalent to their price, which is very low. While the price for these windows may look very appealing to homeowners, I invite buyers to carefully research these impact windows’ tech specs in order to understand why pricier impact windows options provide the ultimate solution for the homeowner and provide better savings than any Cyber Monday deal.

Remember, the most expensive window is the one you will have to replace in a few years because it didn’t serve its purpose.