Why Is Turtle Glass Important For Coastal Homes?

What is Turtle Glass? What is it for? Why is it important? Turtle glass is a special glass meant to protect marine sea turtles from hatching away from their natural habitat.

The life cycle of sea turtles begins with their hatchlings breaking through their shells and crawling towards the ocean. After baby turtles hatch, they follow the moonlight towards the shore. When the turtles are in the water, they grow, reproduce, and start another life cycle.

As residential areas grew in the Atlantic and Gulf Coast, the sea turtles began to suffer. Baby turtles would follow the light from local residences instead of the moonlight. Unfortunately, if baby turtles don't reach their natural habitat they die within a few days.

How Can Impact Windows Help The Sea Turtles?

In order, to prevent this unfortunate event and protect future sea turtles, nonprofit organizations and coastal residents helped passed on the ordinance to include “Turtle Glass” windows on all construction located near coastal areas in Florida and other coastal states.

Turtle Glass Technology

Storm Tight Windows and doors have “Sea Turtle” technology available for those residents located near beach areas. Storm Tight Windows and Doors supports Sea Turtles and the community with the best technology in Turtle Glass along with other high-tech features including:

  • Miracle glass ™ 12-Layer/LOE3 technology. (this type of glass will save you around 40% in monthly Energy Costs)
  • Clean coat neat Glass™ technology; this is a self-cleaning window, HELLO!!??
  • The BEST storm shield for impact windows is Miami Dade Certified Category 5 Rated Hurricane Impact glass.

Storm Tight Windows' priority is to serve its customers, protect the environment, and provide high-end quality service. That’s why our products are manufactured in the United States and delivered to your factory direct! No middleman hassles or extra costs associated with deliveries or installations. If you live in a coastal area and would like to protect the Sea Turtles, call one of our representatives and get yourself a free demo for your home.

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