Should You Get Your Windows Replaced? 

Hello Homeowners! I thought I would share another blog about my new home and maybe get some feedback from my readers. Typically, I worry about a million things at home such as having a top-notch cleaning routine for the kitchen, patio, bathrooms, etc. Typically, the last thing I would worry about are my windows but ever since Hurricane Dorian, I realize how important is to have adequate windows in my home.

Last year, I found that faulty windows can create new problems in your house and unless you can clearly get to the root of these problems they will haunt you until you do.

These are four window problems I have recently learned about:

  • Drafty Windows: this is one of the most common issues with old windows. Drafty windows happen due to broken window seals, cracked or rotting window frames, and poor window installation (this may happen with new windows as well). You may think drafty windows are not a big deal, but that would be wrong. Unfortunately, drafty windows will significantly increase your electric bill because your windows will no longer be able to maintain heat/cool inside your home.
  • Condensation: South Florida is often known for its extreme humidity all year long, however, foggy windows occur because the window pane seal has failed. The seal on your windows can be easily repaired but keep in mind a DIY project are often quick fixes without long term value.
  • Cracked or Rotten Wood Bucking: wooden window frames eventually crack or rot after a while due to poor installation (again) combined with poor window maintenance. If you choose to invest in quality vinyl impact windows, the frames should withstand temperature fluctuations and they will not require much maintenance after installation.
  • Faulty Windows: if your windows don’t open or close properly, again, the temperature inside of your home will increase/drop and your AC will work ten times harder which will bring up your electric bill. Faulty windows will likely affect wood frames on your windows as well.

If any of the above scenarios are occurring with your windows right now, you may want to consider upgrading your windows soon. However, if you choose to replace your windows you must make sure those window replacements are of good quality AND are properly installed. Beware of mom and pop contractors or distributors of windows that do not make or install their windows. Companies like this must add a large markup to the cost of the window to make a profit and will hire outside labor that is not insured to install the windows.

The most expensive window you can buy is the one that you will need to replace again in a few years because of poor quality and installation. Though better quality typically cost more, in the long run, a good quality impact window will virtually pay for itself in a few years with the energy savings alone.

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