How Much do Impact Windows Really Cost?

The most expensive window is the one you need to replace. Better quality typically costs more, however, a good quality impact window will virtually pay for itself in a few years with the energy savings alone.

Consumers are savvier today than they were decades ago. Technology and the Internet have allowed people to access information almost instantly. However, as consumers have become wiser, so have sellers and marketers. On the other side of the spectrum, marketers have unique and direct channels to reach consumers to educate them about their products, just like this blog is reaching you right now.

Technology & Research

The rise of technology and information are tools for homeowners to do the necessary research about impact windows. Start your own online research on impact windows in South Florida and make a comparison chart including price, quality, technology, and ease of use, you will likely find that Storm Tight Windows has the highest price in impact windows compared to its competitors.

Does Storm Tigh Windows Cost You More Money? Not Really...

  • Storm Tight Windows and Doors have Hi-Performance Glass to reduce solar gain and lower energy consumption which translates into a 40% reduction in your monthly energy bill (plus a 25% discount on homeowners insurance). To be more specific, our impact windows are made of Miracle glass ™ 12-Layer/LOE3 technology. (this type of glass is responsible for energy savings).
  • Most window companies DO NOT manufacture their windows and they typically hire a third party for installation and repairs. This is a major cause of delay in product installation and excessive costs associated with extra labor and time on your windows.
  • Storm Tight windows warranty covers you for the life of your home, which means your windows are covered plus another 20 years to the person you sell your home to. Usually, most window companies only offer a Lifetime warranty for their products, which in Florida is only 7 years, BUMMER!
  • Storm Tight Windows are rated Florida Miami-Dade County Cat 5 approved. This is the highest rating an Impact Window can receive. Only Impact Windows with these ratings will provide the highest impact protection, they will be better suited to protect your home and family from storms and home intrusions.
  • Impact-resistant windows and doors from Storm Tight are scientifically designed to help reduce outdoor noise. Many of our clients have told us that their impact windows have brought a new peace and quiet to their homes that they had never experienced. Especially for those who live near busy intersections or highways, or even in communities with children and homes near each other, installing impact-resistant windows and doors from Storm Tight has provided a renewed tranquility to the living environment.

Let's Dig A Little Deeper...

Again, if you consider the previous statements above and you still think Storm Tight Windows will cost you more than our competitors’ products. Ask yourself the following questions:

  • How much do you spend on your energy bill every year?
  • What's the cost of having higher temperatures at home?
  • What happens when your windows' warranty runs out after seven years? How much will those repairs cost you?
  • How much would it cost you to repair any damage associated with a hurricane category 5? Will your windows sustain that much wind? What’s the cost of losing your belongings? Would you want to risk losing a loved one? (let's not even entertain this question)
  • What’s the cost of you sleeping in and having a quieter space? (if you are anything like me, I would pay ANYTHING to block noise from outside at home).

What Questions Should You Be Asking?

As you think of all the questions mentioned above, take your time to evaluate how you want to protect your home. You are free to choose how to prepare for hurricane season, we still recommend investing in long-term quality products.

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