Is Hurricane Prep Worth The Money?

Hello Homeowners! This is Anya Machado and I am the new PR Manager at Storm Tight Windows. I am also a new homeowner since last year and it has been awesome to have my own place. While homeownership is a great step into adulthood, it does involve a big responsibility.

With the next major hurricane season around the corner, I often think about what will happen to my new home if a major storm hits South Florida. I have not installed any shutters or impact windows yet, which means my home is likely to sustain severe damage if my windows get struck with debris. I cannot wait for the next hurricane to roll in to take precautions. It will be too late then. I must do something now. But where do I start?

First, I need to prepare for this hurricane season much ASAP if I want to get the supplies and equipment I need before a major hurricane threatens to make landfall. Last but not least, I want to make sure this investment is worthwhile.

Are Impact Windows Worth My Investment?

I have done plenty of research online and in-stores to make price comparisons between impact windows and shutters. I was able to find affordable prices for both shutters and new impact windows. Unfortunately, most of these quotes did not include 3rd party installation costs so they were not as affordable as I thought they were.

After comparing both options, their prices, functionality, and ease of use, I chose impact windows over shutters. Hurricane shutters may seem cheaper and more convenient than impact windows, but the reality is they are NOT. Window shutters are expensive to install and bothersome to remove after the storms. Also, most homeowners’ associations require residents to uninstall shutters a few days after the storm, which I hate to deal with. With impact windows, I will protect my home, save money, and avoid the installation hassle before and after a hurricane.

My Impact Window Choice IS…

After careful consideration and a few quotes from different companies, I believe Storm Tight Windows are worth the investment. As a new homeowner, I care about value and return on investment. Also, their window specialist was extremely helpful and covered every detail including the technology behind their windows and the amount of savings after installation.

What Makes Storm Tight Windows Worth The Investment?

  • Affordable Financing – although I only have 4 windows at home, I still needed financial assistance to complete this project on my own. Luckily Storm Tight Windows was able to provide me with payment options below $99 per month based on my credit score. Do not worry if your credit is less than perfect, you can still qualify for financial assistance. Also, new customers can take advantage of their different blowout sales happening every month or by participating in their $25K Impact Window Giveaway!
  • Superior Impact Protection – With the thickest gauge of virgin vinyl construction in the industry and features such as steel-reinforced sashes, Storm Tight Impact Windows provide unmatched strength and resistance against severe weather conditions, such as hurricane-force winds in excess of 200+MPH.
  • Superior Energy Efficiency – Thanks to features such as insulated glass, their Impact Windows are ENERGY STAR® rated. Installing Storm Tight Impact Windows will keep my home temperature comfortable year-round and save me up to 40% on my monthly energy bill.
  • Superior 24/7 Security Protection – Storm Tight Windows are manufactured with a unique inner-locking system that is virtually impenetrable, helping to significantly minimize the threat of home invasions, which in my case, saves me an average of 25% off their annual homeowner’s insurance expense.

What Makes Impact Windows Worth The Investment?

If you are a South Florida homeowner and you would like to upgrade to hurricane impact windows, look no further. Call Storm Tight Windows today and request a quote before the next hurricane rolls in. Why? After careful research, I found that Storm Tight Windows is worth the money I will invest, and they have what I am looking for, outstanding quality, and long-term value for my new home.

I really hope you enjoyed this reading and stay safe this 2020 hurricane season. For more information on hurricane preparation or quotes for Storm Tight Windows, please do not hesitate to contact them. Make sure you follow this blog for more tips about Storm Tight Windows and hurricane preparation recommendations. And if you would like a chance to win a $25,000 in brand new Impact Windows from Storm Tight Windows, please text “ANYA” to 797979, and you will be automatically entered to win.

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