Multiple Impact Window Companies Have Gone Out Of Business During Covid_19 Lockdown

South Florida Residents, please beware of impact window companies that have gone out of business during the pandemic lockdown. Covid_19 caused major financial losses for multiple industries across the country, especially in the home improvement industry. In the case of some homeowners who bought impact windows just before the lockdown, they put themselves at financial risk because many of these impact window distributors went out of business; and, some of them were unable to provide a refund to their customers. Unfortunately for these homeowners, they will have to postpone or cancel their hurricane preparation and come up with a different plan.

Though the circumstances we are facing today are 100% outside of everyone’s control, it is important for people to know how the pandemic will affect their daily lives. We have mentioned it before, Storm Tight Windows recommends homeowners of South Florida to prepare for this hurricane season much sooner this year. If people want to ensure they will get the supplies and equipment they need before a major hurricane threatens to make landfall, they need to start NOW.

Storm Tight Windows Is IN Business this Hurricane Season

Storm Tight Windows is the #1 manufacturer of Category 5 Hurricane Rated, Miami Dade County Approved Impact Windows in South Florida. We Install More Impact Windows in South Florida than any Competitor. We have been proudly serving homeowners in Dade, Broward, Palm Beach, and the Treasure Coast for over 10 years and have maintained an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau since we opened. With over 10,000 Impact Window installations competed, it would be hard to find a neighborhood in South Florida that does not have our windows. Though the pandemic has had a considerable impact on our business and customers, we have been fortunate to adapt to the new normal and hope to continue to provide outstanding service throughout this crisis.

Protect Your Home With Storm Tight Impact Windows!

2020 Hurricane season is on full mode right now. This is a reality no one can escape. In the past, South Florida residents have not prepared for major hurricane scenarios believing “it will not happen to us” or, “the storm will turn around last minute, don’t worry”. This time, no one should wait for the last minute to start their hurricane preparations. The longer people wait to act, the harder it will be to purchase the necessary emergency items for a storm, especially during a pandemic.

As the number of Covid_19 Cases continues to increase in South Florida, residents should aim to complete their hurricane preparations as soon as possible, just in case another lockdown is put in place. We have been able to serve our customers without fail during the pandemic, and we will continue to do so following mandatory health guidelines.

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