What Are Energy Efficient Impact Windows?

Energy-efficient impact windows are one of the best home improvement products that can save energy. When homeowners want to replace/upgrade their windows, they worry about the cost of the windows. Although cost is a fair concern for people, it is important for homeowners to know that energy-efficient impact windows not only save energy but reduce monthly energy bills costs.

Energy-efficient impact windows, also known as energy-saving windows, help prevent your heated or cooled air from escaping from your home. And when energy usage goes down, energy bills go down as well.

What Are Energy Star Impact Windows?

If you want to buy energy-efficient impact windows, the first thing you should look for is the Energy Star Certification on the Window.

The Department of Energy and the Environmental Protection Agency has developed the Energy Star® designation for products that meet certain energy-saving performance criteria. Florida falls into the Southern Zone within this classification where cooling needs are predominant. For the Southern Zone, the Department of Energy recommends that windows have a Solar Heat Gain Coefficient of 0.40 or less. This is the most important window property in warm weather.

Additionally, the Department made a recommendation regarding U-factors. They suggest a U-factor of no greater than 0.65 in these warm climates. Hurricane windows and doors that meet or exceed the criteria above are considered Energy Star® windows and doors.

We are proud to say that ALL Storm Tight Impact Windows and Doors have earned the Energy Star® Rating.

Energy-Efficient Impact Windows Need Energy Efficient Impact Window Installers

Energy-efficient impact windows are of great quality, but this fact won't matter unless the windows are correctly installed. This is why Storm Tight Windows places heavy emphasis on ensuring our installers are properly trained. When you choose Storm Tight Windows you won't need to hire a third-party window installer. Our extensively trained house technicians will do the installation following our factory-approved installation process. This will prevent any installation hassles and unnecessary expenses.

Additionally, Storm Tight Windows’ lifetime of the home warranty not only covers the Impact Window materials in case of a defect, but it also covers installation.

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