How To Save Money This Hurricane Season 2021

We have seen a dramatic increase in the price of plywood, or lumber, and other items including food and gas. Markets and media today are very volatile. Whenever there is an active storm on the radar, food and window protection items prices go up. You have probably experienced this already. Window shutters, plywood, and installation labor are very expensive as a storm gets closer.

The question is: why go through all this hassle every year? Is there a permanent solution to hurricane preparation? Well, we will get into that shortly.

Weather experts predict the 2021 season will have 17 storms, 8 hurricanes, and 4 major storms. This is the 6th consecutive above-average hurricane season we will face. Having said that, what are the chances that your neighborhood will face a major hurricane this year? Experts would say, very high. 

Forget the plywood

The cost of lumber and plywood has been going up since the pandemic started and it doesn’t seem to stop climbing. Most hurricane protection products are more expensive when there is an active storm. So, it is not hard to guess that the price of plywood will continue to climb even more this hurricane season. Additionally, we may have a shortage of plywood right before a hurricane hits. Even though prices are high, too many people will be desperate to get plywood to "protect" their windows. In short, if you want to protect your windows, think of a better solution than plywood.

Save money by upgrading to hurricane impact windows and doors

Storm Tight Windows include a thick 90-gauge vinyl, steel-reinforced sashes, and a hurricane proof interlocking latch system. No matter what the weather throws at you, our windows will provide you with optimal protection and energy efficiency. Storm Tight Windows guarantees the highest quality and installation available in the market. Our products will also save thousands of dollars over and above any competitor’s best price.

Check your home insurance coverage

If you are a homeowner if Florida, you must have home insurance in case of natural disasters. Like health insurance, it is always better to have insurance and not need it, than to not have it, and need it. Double check your coverage and rates before the beginning of the hurricane season. This way you can choose to upgrade or downgrade your membership. Also, you can save up to 25% in your homeowner's insurance when you install our windows.

Now this is what we call savings!

Don’t wait until last minute to start your hurricane preparations

We recommend you buy your emergency or perishable goods ahead of the first storm warning. Usually, when the news announce a storm in the horizon most people panic. Everyone runs to the store to get perishable foods causing long lines, and items to be out of stock. Panic shopping is why hurricane preparedness products are so overpriced. The demand for them is so high and the supply for them is quite low. Again, this is why is better to invest in a permanent and efficient solution to hurricane prep.

Do a home inspection before the hurricane season 

One way to save money before the storm season is by looking at your home foundations and fixing the cracks. For example, getting rid of low-hanging tree branches around your home. Or, remove items that could become potential missiles during a storm. Clean your home gutters and drains so water does not come inside causing more damage. Protect your home AC unit from debris during a hurricane. Finally, consider buying a surge protector for your home electronics and your AC. Power surge damage is very common during bad weather.

Remember, the idea with early hurricane preparation is to protect your home and your family. But also, to save thousands of dollars in home repairs that can be avoided. If you live in South Florida, you should know better than waiting for last-minute to prepare for a storm.

If you really want to save money this hurricane season…

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