Awning Vs Casement Impact Windows- Which one is better for you?

Are you looking for a convenient window that offers superior protection and ventilation? We suggest you take a quick look at Storm Tight Windows awning and casement impact windows. Awning and casement windows are popular choices among window styles. And while these styles are similar, there are differences between the two that you should know of.

Awning and casement windows are a great addition to any home. At Storm Tight Windows we can help you decide which window style works best for you. Plus, we can create custom windows that fit specific areas in your home for better views. But before we tell you what we have in store, let’s learn a bit more about these amazing window styles.

Your windows are an important aspect of your home. Ask questions about styles and performance before you make a purchasing decision.

Awning Impact Windows

Awning windows are hinged at the top and they come in one piece only. They come with a friendly opening handle that opens towards the outside. These windows are great for areas where the width is greater than the height. Typically, homeowners prefer awning windows in their kitchens or bathrooms. Alternatively, people add them in areas where openings are wider than tall.

Advantages From Awning Windows

·  Airflow on a rainy day

·  Light and visibility

·  Smaller window openings

Casement Impact Windows

Unlike awning windows, casement windows work better for areas where the height is greater than the width. Casement windows are hinged at the side providing maximum ventilation and light. These windows can open outward or inward, from the left or the right.

Advantages From Casement Windows

·  Clear views

·  Simple Cleaning

·  Ample Ventilation

·  Ideal for smaller windows

Advantages From Both Styles

Awning and casement windows do not have any rails or meeting sashes. They provide amazing and unobstructed view of your outdoors. Both window styles are very easy to operate, especially in hard-to-reach areas. For example, awning or casement windows are great for spaces above your kitchen sink, or your guest bathroom. Remember, these windows allow for easy access, ventilation, and lightning.

The Storm Tight Windows Difference For Casement and Awning Windows

When you choose Storm Tight Windows for your casement and awning window installation, you are guaranteed high-quality windows that are:

·  Energy-Efficient: Our ENERGY STAR®-rated windows are built with high-performance insulated glass, fusion-welded frames, argon/krypton-filled chambers, and more. This ensures no air escapes, keeping your interior comfortable and your energy bills low.

·  Low-Maintenance: We use super-hydrophilic, self-cleaning glass surfaces that stay in top shape on their own! Additionally, our frames are not susceptible to mold or mildew growth over time.

·  Impact-Resistant: Our superior vinyl frames and steel-reinforced sashes provide unparalleled strength and resistance against severe weather. Have peace of mind with our quality hurricane windows no matter what the Florida climate throws at you.

·  Long-Lasting: Our durable, non-conductive frames fit perfectly in existing openings and never lose their shape. With our air-tight seals, we guarantee your home will be safe and comfortable for a lifetime.

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