Prepare For Next Year's Hurricane Season This Holiday Season!

Listen up everyone! The best time to prepare for next year’s hurricane season is this Holiday season. Preparing your home for hurricanes is a process that requires time and effort for homeowners. Also, installing new impact windows for your home is one of the most important investments you will make for your home (and your family), so it is better to take the time to get it done right. Plus, prices will likely go up at the beginning of next year. So why not take advantage of time and savings now?

Buying impact windows this holiday season is smarter than buying them in the upcoming months. Here’s why:

·  Prices have increased almost across every industry due to the pandemic. Plus, the ongoing shortage of raw materials, labor, and/or inventory keeps pushing prices higher and higher every day. This is why you may want to start your impact window project this year before prices go higher in 2022.

·  If you upgrade your old windows today, your home will be ready before the hurricane season begins. Most impact window distributors increase their prices right before and during the hurricane season due to a high demand. Plus, the more you wait to get a project started, the more likely other things can happen that will prevent you from getting it done.

·  When you think about the storms that hit the Gulf areas this year, you could argue that every homeowner wished they had impact windows at the time these storms hit. Please don't seat around for a storm to hit your neighborhood in order to get prepared. Getting your home ready for hurricanes should be a priority.

·  Storm Tight Windows provides outstanding benefits and unique features that other window companies do not. With our Category 5 Hurricane Protection, the Energy Savings, and the Homeowners Insurance Discounts, you are putting money back in your pocket. Plus, when you add the extra Holiday season discounts, we promise you won’t regret buying our windows.

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