Hurricane Windows

When you live in South Florida, you should always be preparing your home and family for the next big storm. Between planning your evacuation routes and stocking up on supplies, there is a lot for homeowners to do to be properly prepared for hurricane season. But when it comes to protecting their homes, many homeowners wonder if there is anything more, they should be doing to protect their windows. So, let’s discuss the three most common types of window protection.

Popular Types of Hurricane Protection

When it comes to protecting your windows during a hurricane, most Floridians have already learned that taping their windows does not provide much protection from flying debris or the wind. However, there are a considerable variety of window protection products available. Most of these window protections fall into one of the following categories:

  • Hurricane Shutters: Hurricane shutters are a common choice for window protection. Available in various styles, these impact-resistant window shutters cover your windows, protecting them from heavy winds or debris. These shutters are a permanent fixture that once attached to your home allow you to quickly prepare your home for an approaching storm.
  • Hurricane Panels: The plywood boards that frantic coastal homeowners turn to for last-minute protection are a great example of a simple hurricane panel. While plywood might only be better than no protection at all, manufactured hurricane panels are typically quite effective as they are made from solid metal. Unfortunately, just like with DIY plywood boards, hurricane panels can require a considerable amount of work as they are installed just before a storm and then must be removed after the storm passes.
  • Impact Windows: Impact or hurricane windows are becoming increasingly popular with many coastal home and business owners. By using state-of-the-art technology, impact windows can often withstand category five hurricane-strength winds. Plus, once installed, there is never any extra preparation to do when a storm approaches.

Benefits of Hurricane Impact Windows

More and more Florida homeowners across the state are making the switch to hurricane impact windows every year. Since they offer effortless protection from wind and debris, they allow families in the path of a tropical system more time to prepare or evacuate.

At Storm Tight Windows, we provide South Florida homeowners with high-quality materials that offer several benefits and window features, including:

  • Polar Shield Technology
  • The Thickest Gauge Vinyl in the Industry
  • Super Hydrophilic Self-Cleaning Glass
  • Distinctive Interlocking Latch System
  • And more!

South Florida’s Trusted Source of Custom Impact Windows Doors

As a South Florida homeowner, you understand the importance of ensuring that your house is prepared for the next big storm. As the region’s leading manufacturer of premium impact windows, Storm Tight Windows of Florida wants to help make that preparation easier.

The entire team at Storm Tight is dedicated to protecting Florida families with impact-resistant windows and doors. Our dedication to superior products and perfect installation has helped us earn an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. Also, we are the only leading US window manufacturer to earn certification from TDI as well as from Miami-Dade County and have proudly installed over one million windows throughout South Florida.

Are you ready to upgrade your windows? Call our experienced window installation specialists today to discuss how we can help you better protect your home, or fill out our online form to request a quote.