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Storm Tight Windows is proud to announce that we are an Approved Contractor for the My Safe Florida Home (MSFH) program!

The My Safe Florida Home Program was re-enacted during the most recent Special Session of the Florida Legislature. It is designed to help single-family homeowners protect their homes against hurricanes and save money doing it.The program consists of two primary components:

  1. Wind Mitigation Home Inspections (DFS anticipates between 140,000 and 145,000 initial home inspections.)  All owners of site-built, single-family, residential homes are eligible to make application for a wind mitigation home inspection. This inspection will identify those elements of your home’s construction which could be improved to mitigate your home against future wind damages. All inspections will be provided to eligible homeowners free of charge by the State. Applications will be reviewed and approved in the order in which they are received until current funding is exhausted.
  2. Wind Mitigation Grant awards for home construction (DFS anticipates awarding between 11,000 and 12,000 grants based on current funding.)

Get a Free Home Hurricane Inspection

Owners of any site-built, single-family residential Florida property may apply for a FREE home hurricane inspection.

  • Complete Home Hurricane Inspection of your single-family home at NO COST and NO OBLIGATION to you.
  • Receive an inspection report detailing the strength of your home against hurricanes and recommended improvements to increase that strength.

Get Home Strengthening Improvements

When recommended by your home hurricane inspection, program grant money has been made available for the following strengthening improvements:

  • Reinforce Roof-to-Wall Connections
  • Install Secondary Water Resistance for the Roof
  • Upgrade Roof Covering
  • Improve the Strength of Roof Deck Attachments
  • Exterior Door Upgrades
  • Garage Door Upgrades
  • Window Upgrades

Get Purchase and Insurance Savings Now!

  • You may be eligible to apply for $2 in state grant money* for every $1 you spend on eligible home strength improvements (*up to $10,000, the home must be located in designated wind-borne regions).
  • NO state sales tax (6%) on retail purchases of impact-resistant doors, impact-resistant garage doors and impact-resistant windows from July 1, 2022 through June 30, 2024.
  • Potentially lower your home insurance premiums by participating in the program.