The Best Hurricane Impact Windows

Thursday, October 1, 2020

Protect Your Home With The Best Hurricane Impact Windows

Are you in the market for hurricane impact windows? look no further, this blog post is for you. When you are looking for the best hurricane impact window for your home, it’s ok to consider a few options before you buy. But the most important aspect of an impact window is its return on investment, not its sale price.

Homeowners should invest in the best quality impact window available in the market. And by far, Storm Tight Windows has been the #1 hurricane impact windows manufacturer in South Florida for many years. Plus, Storm Tight Windows is the only window company saving homeowners thousands of dollars over any competitors’ best prices.

Storm Tight Windows And Doors Will Protect Your Home From Hurricanes

When hurricane-force winds come in through an open or cracked window, this wind will look for an exit route and potentially blow off your roof. Once the wind gets inside the home, it is game over. The main function of a high-quality impact window is to sustain impact from flying debris during a storm and to hold hurricane force winds.

Storm Tight Impact Windows and Doors our Impact Windows provide unmatched strength and resistance against severe weather conditions, such as hurricane-force winds more than 200+MPH. Moreover, Storm Tight Windows are rated Miami Dade County approved. This is the highest rating an Impact Window can receive. Only Impact Windows and Doors with these ratings will provide the highest impact protection against storms and home intrusions.

What Is An Energy Star Hurricane Impact Window?

The Department of Energy and the Environmental Protection Agency has developed the Energy Star® designation for products that meet certain energy-saving performance criteria. Florida falls into the Southern Zone within this classification where cooling needs are predominant. For the Southern Zone, the Department of Energy recommends that windows have a Solar Heat Gain Coefficient of 0.40 or less. This is the most important window property in warm weather. Additionally, the Department made a recommendation regarding U-factors. They suggest a U-factor of no greater than 0.65 in these warm climates. Hurricane windows and doors that meet or exceed the criteria above are considered Energy Star® windows and doors. We are proud to say that ALL Storm Tight Impact Windows and Doors exceed the requirements listed above and have earned the Energy Star® Rating.

What is a Miami Dade County Approved Hurricane Impact Window?

Miami Dade County Cat 5 approved hurricane impact windows have the absolute highest standard of quality against severe weather. There is no higher standard than this. Many homeowners are not familiar with the Miami Dade County Category 5 Rating until it is too late.

Storm Tight Windows are made right here in America. We are the #1 manufacturer of Category 5 Hurricane Rated, Miami Dade County Approved Impact Windows in South Florida. Each Impact Window we make is put through rigorous testing before they can earn the Storm Tight Windows Seal of Approval

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